Annamaria update, for anyone that cares

Dane nearly made me cry by leaving a comment telling me she misses me. This is evidence of two things: first, I’ve neglected my poor little blog this month and second, I’m a little hormonal right now.

As you will recall, former co-worker Psycho quit, leaving me with all of her job responsibilities (plus my own) until a replacement can be found. This sucks. Her work is boring and labor intensive and, frankly, far below my own capabilities. The mind-numbing nature of her job has left me feeling completely lethargic—it’s not even doing two jobs that’s exhausting me, it’s doing my own job plus a bunch of data-entry bullshit which is stripping me any ability to form coherent thought. I honestly feel like I’m dumber just doing this kind of work.

So, we did end up hiring someone to fill the open position—she was here for four days and then they promptly fired her for lying on her application. I had four days to train her and get used to the idea of doing only my job again, and then I came to work one morning to find all of her personal effects boxed up to be sent to her home. So much for my brief respite.

I do have good news, though! First, we transferred someone from within the company to fill the open position, which will relieve me of the boring work and give me time to be funny and smart again. At least I hope whatever sassiness attracts you to my ramblings will return at full strength forthwith. My new co-worker (who I’ve worked with in the past and is absolutely delightful) will start at our office in July. Yay!

And more good news—I’ve got a week off! The first week of July is a mandatory vacation for us (Major American Automotive Corporation shuts down every July for two weeks*), so I’ll be work-free for a glorious seven days. And even better than that—Rich is coming for a visit! An entire week to show our favorite Liverpudlian all of the fun that can be had in the fine city of Detroit. Alright, an entire day to show him all the fun that can be had in Detroit, and six days or so of sitting around bitching about how damn boring this city is. So if any Michigan BOMT readers would like to hang out with a beleaguered blogger and her British companion, let me know and we’ll definitely be up for whatever fun can be had in your neck of the woods (Helllloooo Westland!).

*Usually we get both weeks off, but this year they are making us work the second week. We've already got barbecues planned for all five days, since I can guarantee there will be fuck-all to do.


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Sometimes work doesn't suck

Consternation about our jobs is a frequent them on BOMT, but I’m going to break ranks and actually say something nice about my employer today. While The Show’s place of employment has turned into some kind of fortress where corporate thought police scour the internet in search of any evidence of their employees having fun, my lax workplace only really annoys me when co-workers take advantage of that leniency. Of course, I’m willing to overlook any and all grievances when someone sends me gifts!

Pretty flowers on my desk

Look what I got! Yesterday, one of our Major American Automotive Industry executives asked for my assistance in locating a truck that he could purchase immediately to keep at his summer home up north (yeah, you can all roll your eyes now). Anyway, vehicle procurement is not usually my deal, but I’m a smart girl who knows how to run a logistics report, so I did a little search, found a little truck, and Voila! VP gets his every little wish fulfilled. This morning, I’m hanging around the reception area, drinking my coffee, and a flower delivery truck pulls up with some pretty roses all for me! With a lovely little note from said Major American Automotive Industry executive thanking me for all my assistance.

Meanwhile, everyone in my office stepped up to take a gander at the flowers, and then claim one for themselves since they stapled some paperwork or something and obviously deserve as much praise as me. It’s entirely possible that I will go home tonight with a really nice but empty vase.

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Stupid Blogger

So after a month or so of light posting (stupid job), I finally found some time the other day to write a nice, long ranty post about the latest Rightwing uproar over the homoaboritonists™ and their nefarious freedom-seeking agenda (stupid fundies). And then I noticed a typo, and being the grammar-freak that I am (stupid OCD), I immediately set forth to edit the post and remove my little error (stupid brain). In the meantime, I get an email indicating that someone had posted anonymously to let us know that they were going incognito due to increased surveillance by their bosses (stupid corporate work structure) into the internet activity of their employees (stupid firewalls). I quickly read the email, and then re-read my nice, long ranty post to ensure that there were no more errors, and hit publish. And then I got this nasty little error message followed by a screen full of nothing (stupid black screen of death), and Blogger lost my post (stupid Blogger). Completely. Disappeared into the ether. Without a saved back-up copy (stupid me). Were I conspiracy theorist (stupid David Icke), I would believe this to be the work of fundie fuckwits bent on denying the world access to my brilliant and scathing critiques (stupid delusions of grandeur).

All of this is to point out two things:

  1. I’ve not been completely slacking! I found the time, I made the effort, lots of swearing and lefty righteous indignation was to be had, and then poof! Gone. But not (entirely) my fault, so forgive me.
  2. Anonymous poster was actually my fellow blogger (henceforth known as The Show), who was writing to let us know that her absence is also work-related, and that she had to take her name off the blog and delete her profile so that the corporate bigwigs who sign her paychecks wouldn’t be able to connect her with rightwing hating and music reviews. Which sucks, because there isn’t enough rightwing hating in the corpacracy, and The Show was just the girl to inject a little hate into the world.

You can send your love, support and commiserations to The Show in the comments, which she can still read so long as she doesn’t reveal her true identity. Like some kind of corporate superhero...or something.


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Indie rock bands send me email

Now if I could only get Ted Leo to call me on my birthday...

Hello Hello,

My name is a Sean, I am the bass player in the indie band Sure Juror. We are running promotions of sorts on our blog. We will be giving away our first album for free. It will be done one song at a time, and we will have a a short little background about each song when we post. I'm not asking for a complete post of my band (unless you really want to). I was just wondering if you could mention it to your readers at the beginning or end of one of your post. I'm just trying to get our music out there.

Thanks for Your time,
Sean (Sure Juror)

Well, far be it for me to deny such a polite request. Well, unless the band sucks, which Sure Juror emphatically does not. They're quite fun...cute and power poppy, with fun lyrics and jangly guitars. In short, just the kind of music that I am predisposed to enjoy owing to the steady diet of Canadian power pop on which I was raised.

Check out this demo of Making Friends Has Never Been So Easy and The Once-Great Gender Debate (with a title like that how could I not love this song??) and, of course, be sure to visit the Sure Juror blog for some more fun songs.


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Yay! Decemberists news for nerdcore fans everywhere.

Matt Picasso is my hero. Seriously. Not only does that kid have fabulous taste in music (and a willingness to share all kinds of fun mp3s), but he tags it correctly so that when I download said music, I don't have to waste time re-typing the file name to sate my obsessive compulsive tendencies (what is so hard about the "artist name - song title" format that it continues to confound mp3 bloggers?). And he has news about the new Decemberists album! Check it out:
This one’s going to be really good, though. Undoubtedly the best thing we’ve done to date. And while that might smack of hyperbole (”didn’t they say that about the last record?” you well may be thinking. . .) we can guarantee that it, at the very least, will be decidedly above average. And what’s more, it’s going to be called The Crane Wife. Quite a title, yes? There is a happy glut of songs to choose from — some 22 in all at last count — before it’s wittled down to album-length, with a few of them clocking in at the >10 minute mark (always makes the label people happy).

I am a total nerd because I have October 3rd circled on my calendar already?

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