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I am in a very fortunate place in that I am neither a parent nor easily offended, so maybe that is why I am constantly fascinated by FCC complaints. I keep imagining mormon families watching a particular episode of "Angel," and sitting there aghast, horrified at...vampires!! Oh dear! I thought the show was all about cherubs and seraphim. Even funnier is the shit they choose to complain about:

One scene involved Angel in an intimate moment with a female character in which Angel's hips are seen "moving back and forth," the Parents Television Council said in its complaint.

In the scene depicting the female vampire biting the neck of her partner, also a vampire, both characters had clothes on and "their breathing is heavy," the complaint said.

His hips are seen "moving back and forth"? What fucking year is it, people? Reminds of me Elvis Presley being shown only from the head of femur and up. And what astounds me most is the amount of time it takes to file a complaint with the FCC....time that would be better spent getting off your fat mormon ass and changing the fucking channel.

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