Is It True What They Say About Ann? Coulter, that is.

What? That she is crazy? The reigning diva of the hysterical right, as Al Franken likes to say?

Apparently this DVD has come out to set the record straight. I mean, coming from WorldNetDaily, you know it has to be non-biased and straight-shooting, right?

In this 40-minute mini horror film/documentary, you get to know the "real Ann." But, wait! That's not all! There are bonus features!

Watch an additional 40 minutes of exclusive interviews with Ann.

Delight as Ann lets loose with her fans at the Conservative Political Action Caucus. [this gives me the shivers.]

Watch Ann eviscerate a special issue of the New York Times. [attractive!]

Go up close and personal with Ann at a Clare Boothe Luce event.

Flip through an Ann Coulter photo album. [sexy!]

Pick it up! I'm sure it will be, well, nauseating.

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