Kansas, didn't you learn your damn lesson last time?

Remember way back in 1999, when Kansas was a laughing stock because of several conservatives on the state board of education who ruled to de-emphasize evolution? Well, they're at it again, kids. What starts with stickers claiming that evolution is a theory and not fact, these asshats are hoping will develop into an environment that is accepting of the ideas of "Intelligent Design."

Be afraid, though, fair readers. This debate is stretching outside of Kansas this time around. It seems that the fundies are trying to ride along on Bush's reelected coattails and start this ridiculous debate in other areas around the country.

In at least 18 states, campaigns have begun to make public schools teach “intelligent design” — a theory that nature is so complex it could only have been created by design — alongside Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Is it me, or are these 17 states in a moron competition with Kansas. I'd say they are all tied for first place.

So, please help me with the reasoning, because I'm having a hard time in understanding. Because you believe in God your science automatically gets accepted and does not have to go through the peer review process (where it would be eaten alive - I'm just guessing, though)? How are they able to convince themselves -- and other people, for that matter -- that "intelligent design" and its "theories" constitutes actual, teachable science?


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