No, I'm not still bitter...

This is almost insulting to those who have actually pulled themselves through college with no financial support. In addition, universities are asking students to donate money to a capital campaign when the quality of their educations are actually going down.

Some universities, *cough* EMU *cough*, in recent years, have been raising tuition costs above and beyond the cost of inflation while also offering buyout packages long-time (read: expensive) faculty, in turn offering the students a less quality education for more money. All the while blowing money on useless monstrosities, and using student tuition money to boot!

"Eastern Michigan University used student tuition and fees without required state approval and failed to adequately monitor the costs of its new $5.3 million president's house, according to a state audit released this morning."

So forgive me first-students-of-the-family. It's nothing against you. But if I should see such a campaign on DePaul's campus my money will remain in my pocket.


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