Ugly Girls: You don't stand a chance with this stud

Sorry to leave my reader wanting more. To make up for it, I've found the man who will certainly be in People's "50 Most Beautiful..." list next year. If not for his looks, but for his gentlemanly ways, and what I can only assume is a fantastic personality.

A friend emailed this interesting story to me today, about a NYC councilman and his condemnation of the practices of the Standards and Ethics Committee, and the way it had handled a lengthy trial over charges that he created a hostile work environment for five women.

I'll cut to the chase and tell you the best part, though:

Jennings (D-Jamaica), has repeatedly said he was innocent and the women, who either worked for his office or the council, were too unattractive to warrant his attention.

Of course! How foolish to believe that any woman could possibly be the subject of sexual harassment. Of course it's only the super hot ones.

Upon reading this, I was intrigued. Surely this man must be a god among men. I had to see what this man looked like. Put a name to a (probably gorgeous!) face. Ready to swoon, ladies?

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at Monday, February 07, 2005 7:43:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh! Can I really be the first person to post to Jen's blog?? I feel so lucky!

Apparently, Jenning's defense is quite common: the "asshole defense" if you will. If you can prove that you treat all your employees with disdain, you can show that your female employees had no expectation of respectful behavior from you. Nice.



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