What's the new, hot accessory for the season for those leaning to the right?

A gay daughter, of course! Those of you living under a rock my not be aware of Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter, Mary, whose sexual choice was brought up during the recent campaign for President.

Move forward to the now. Turns out another righty has a gay daughter, and this one just happens to be batshit crazy. Yes, my friends, crazy mo-fo Alan Keyes has a gay daughter, too.

What makes this simply awesome, though, are the comments that Keyes made while running for Senate about Mary Cheney and how he would feel about having a lesbian daughter of his own.

Keyes drew national attention during the Republican National Convention last year when he called homosexuality an act of "sexual hedonism." Asked later if Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter, Mary, is a selfish hedonist, Keyes answered that she is.

A day after that interview, Keyes defended his statements, saying he would feel the same about his own daughter, although he wasn't questioned about her at the time.

Unfortunately, the Keyes household is not as accommodating of different sexual preferences as the Cheney household, and the 19-year-old Maya Marcel-Keyes was forced to move out of her house.

Marcel-Keyes then stated in a speech for a few hundred people that she "still loves her parents, and they still love" her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm sorry. I'm all for parents accepting their gay children -- and that it sometimes takes some work. But do you have any idea what your father has said about people like you? That when you find a life partner and decide to have children together they will inevitably end up in some kind of incestuous situation? Because, god knows that they will somehow find their long-lost brothers and sisters...and then fuck them.


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