Does every pro-life subset have a web site?: Pharmacists For Life International

[My pharmacist is not this nice, over the phone or in person]

I came across this site after doing some reading about pharmacist Neil Noesen, who refused to fill a customer's birth control prescription in July 2002 based on personal religious objections, and also refused to transfer the prescription to another pharmacy.

He faces all kinds of repercussions -- and rightly so. You are telling me that some man behind the counter in a customer service position is going to pass personal judgment on me if I need birth control or, god forbid, Mifepristone?

Pharmacists For Life International believes that pharmacists should be in the same category as physicians, hospitals and hospital workers, who have been able to decline to perform abortions and sterilization for moral or religious reasons since the 1970s based on an existing WI law.

Here's the thing, though -- I have a much more personal relationship with my doctor than my pharmacists. I actually HATE my pharmacists most days, because they are always fucking something up, or not returning my calls when I leave messages about how they fucked something up. If one of these pharmacists were to one day say they were not going to fill BC for some reason, and hold my prescription hostage, I might very well jump the counter and kick their ass.

But with doctors, even though they elect not to perform a certain procedure, they will still direct you to a qualified physician who will (as Miranda's physician on SATC said, "No judgment!"). And if they don't? Well, something tells me, dear readers, that you probably are not visiting a doctor that wouldn't. This isn't a fundie blog, after all.

Legislators in Wisconsin actually did pass a law in both the House and Senate which would let pharmacists run and hide when ladies with prescriptions approach the counter -- but the governor vetoed the bill.

Hooray for New Jersey, though! At least not all states are crazy.

Legislation in the state of New Jersey would force pharmacists there to dispense all drugs available at the pharmacy -- including drugs that act as abortion agents. The measure is backed by abortion advocates who say pharmacists should not be allowed to opt out of drugs that violate their moral beliefs.

[Their words, not mine.]

Brian Dixon, director of government relations for Population Connection, said that "[p]harmacists have a responsibility to provide their customers with the medicines prescribed by their doctors."


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