Further proof that punk rockers are meant to die young

Ex-Sex Pistol wants no future for swearing

Punk really is dead: the former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock now minds the bollocks.

He may have been a member of the band that bequeathed to the nation the words "you dirty fucker" and "you fucking rotter" in 10 seconds of live television 29 years ago, but the man who helped assail the eardrums of the hapless Bill Grundy has declared that "something ought to be done" about swearing.


The bass player and father of two, who co-wrote The Sex Pistols' biggest hits, Anarchy In The UK, God Save The Queen and Pretty Vacant, hates it when his children, now 11 and seven, hear obscenities on the radio or TV. "It's pathetic when people just swear for the sake of it," he said in a carefully pre-recorded interview to be broadcast this Sunday.

Yeah...I could say a lot about this, but in deference to Mr. Matlock, I think I am just going to keep my mouth shut.

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