I did this so you didn't have to: Best-of Fundie Blogs, Pt. 1

As promised, fun with fundies.

After the passing of Terri Schiavo this morning, religious right blogs were crazy. People were furious! Ashamed to be American, even!

Today, I am ashamed to be an American. [See! I told you!]

The inhumane monsters who condemned Terri Schiavo to be executed by prolonged torture succeed today. .. In the last hours, as a final blow to Terri's parents, the human debris known as Michael Schiavo refused them access in her final hours.

Yes I'm mad and I may call them more names. America is now officially a rotting corpse. We have embraced Nazi tactics in removing “unwanted” people. Our courts are a mockery, our legislators are lazy, and play silly games with legislation, making them meaningless. Our executive branch hides behind wimpy excuses and allows the innocent to die.

--Courtesy of jacklewis.net
I’m kind of interested where this quoted comment came from. Readers, any of you know when Michael called Terri “the bitch”?
But Michael chose to part from Terri in a much different, more dastardly way, while seeking her death and while sleeping with another. And that is not a marriage. That is not a bond...That is a sinister, ghastly form of selfishness that good men find incomprehensible and women should fear.

Michael, it most assuredly can be said, proved far sicker than his wife ever was. All Bob and Mary Schindler wanted was to be given legal guardianship of their daughter, so Michael could move on with his life, his girlfriend, and his two children by her...The Schindlers wanted no more than to rescue their daughter from years of lock-down confinement in a grim hospice room; to provide her a real home, real tenderness, and a place to live that was alive with life, rather than encircled by death.

But Michael would have none of that. No, Michael wanted something far different. He wanted "the bitch" dead, he wanted her body cremated, he wanted her ashes placed in the ground well before her time had come, long before God would have called her. And, were this not callous and calculating enough, Michael wanted those ashes far removed from his in-laws, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law. What he made difficult for the Schindlers while Terri was alive, he now wants to make more difficult after her death. His malice knows no bounds. This sad excuse for a man even denied the family their poignant request to be at Terri's side when her breathing expired and her spirit slipped away. Cruelty, thy name is Michael Schiavo.

--Courtesy of A Certain Slant of Light

Here’s my favorite though. Emphasis, bad spelling, and bad grammar are all theirs.
Let me tell you a story. Okay you have a dog that gets hit by a car and becomes so bad off brain wise that you have to feed it by hand for the rest of its life. You love this dog so much that you do this everday. So finally after six months, it gets to much for you. You decide to let it STARVE to death.

Then word of it gets out and every Animal Rights Group is calling for you Head on a Silver Platter.

The SPCA and local laws protect this dog and you go to JAIL for starving this animal its called ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS

So what our animal are more important to us than another human life?

Its okay lets STARVE a HUMAN BEING to DEATH but boy do not do that to an animal as your going to JAIL

What I want to know is where are our HUMAN BEING CRUELTY LAWS

--Courtesy of Save Terri
What I love, though, is that people are tearing them a new one in the comments for the complete lack of a logical argument. I can’t really say it better than this person, lethergo, though:
I just love the "dog vs Terry" argument.

If my dog were in a similar state to that of Terry Schiavo, the state would arrest me for NOT having it put to sleep (euthanized). Reasonable people can see that this is the kind, "humane" thing to do.

Yet when the creature is a human being, people allow their personal crusades and agendas (hello anti-abortionist, moral elitist, bible-thumper's) to cloud their judgement. Suddenly it is no longer "humane" to ease suffering. Suddenly, those who discontinue the ARTIFICIAL extension of life come to be labeled as murderers. Pah-lease.

I truly wish Terri were capable of standing up and walking down to the cafeteria for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that she is capable of doing that. She has a physical state similar to a 100 year old, and a mental state that is undeniably less than a....well even a common mouse has the mental capacity to feed itself. She truly is in a vegitative state. There is no other way to describe it.

Let the poor girl go. I'm so glad for the family's sake that she truly is incapable of understanding her current state. If she could, I have no doubt she would scream out in horror at what her parents and family had put her through. Who would want to wake up one day and find themselves in this condition?

The father placed her hand into the palm of her husband on the day of their marriage. He turned over, at that time, her gardianship to him. It is his decision, period.

Who wants the government (any level) to have the authority to step in and make our final decisions for us???


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