Andrea Dworkin, 1946-2005

Like most feminists, radical or otherwise, I didn’t always agree with Andrea Dworkin. But sometimes I think that is because I will never be as evolved as she was. Regardless of your personal feelings for her (and, let’s admit it, there are few intellectuals that inspire such deeply personal responses), Dworkin was a feminist icon whose ideas helped shape the modern feminist movement.

Her long-time partner John Stoltenberg has requested that donations in honor of Ms. Dworkin be made to:

The Schlesinger Library
The Andrea Dworkin Fund
Radcliffe Institute
10 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138-3600

or to the rape-crisis or domestic-violence center of your choice. All donations to the Schlesinger Library will be used to create an online library of Andrea’s work, most of which is now out of print.

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