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Early Joe Strummer/101ers Material to Be Released

In one of the most interesting archival reissues in recent years, the lone studio LP from Joe Strummer's pre-Clash group, the 101ers, is currently being prepped for an expanded CD release on June 14 through Astralwerks. According to a label press release, Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited will include the band's long out-of-print Elgin Avenue Breakdown, as well as eight previously unreleased live and studio recordings. The upcoming 21-track album offers the 101ers entire studio output on a single disc, and marks the first time this much-bootlegged music has been available (legitimately) on CD.

Aaah! I was so hoping that Joe Strummer would be the punk rock Tupac, and continue to release albums long after his death, and it looks like my wish has come true.

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