Strange things on the CTA, Vol. 2

So, I'm riding the 147 to work, as usual. It's a pretty busy route, so it is inevitable that I will have someone sitting next to me. Today it was Pickle Lady.

Pickle Lady is mid- to late-30s. Maybe in her 40s. Other than the strange pickle smell, she appears totally normal. And she's sitting next to me. Great.

How does that happen to someone, without their taking a pickle-juice bath in the morning?

At any rate, if her overwhelming smell wasn't strange enough, a few stops after her getting on she reaches deep down in her bag -- all the way to the bottom -- and pulls out a carefully folded activity book for children from Long John Silver's. And then proceeds to do the maze, word scramble, and word search on the way downtown.

Not that I'm saying that I would never complete such an activity book -- but I would do it at the place of issue or in the privacy of my own home. Not on a CTA bus. And certainly not on a CTA bus while I stunk of pickles.

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at Monday, April 25, 2005 6:29:00 PM Anonymous Kerri said...

Do you ever wonder "Is it me?"


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