The Hip Hop Mayor strikes again

When Jen and Ian still lived in the D, they were kind enough to invite me to a New Years Celebration they called "Jeans and Moet"—if only we had invited Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, we could have charged all that champagne to the city’s tab.

Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial champagne in Atlanta. Lobster tail in Chicago. Limos in Washington, D.C.

As Detroit eliminated thousands of jobs, struggled with exploding pension and health care costs and became a city on the brink of receivership, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick charged more than $210,000 to his city-issued credit card in less than three years on the job, city records show

Oh Kwame, I had such high hopes for you.

Detroit is looking at a $230 million deficit for fiscal year 2005; and while Kwame was kind enough to cut his $176,176 annual salary by 10% (saving the city a whopping $17,000 bucks), nearly 3,000 jobs are expected to be eliminated this year due to lack of funds. Add this to the Lincoln Navigator scandal (costing the city $24,955) and the fact that Detroit is one of the only cities in the country that provides it mayors with city-owned housing (the historic Manoogian Mansion), and Kwame just might be the most expensive mayor in America.

Kilpatrick…is the only city employee who is issued a credit card. A city finance manager, Mike Lane, said he believed mayors have been issued a credit card since the 1970s.

Huh…I wonder what else happened in the ‘70s? Oh, that’s right, we elected this guy:

To all those pushers, to all rip-off artists, to all muggers: It's time to leave Detroit; hit Eight Mile Road! And I don't give a damn if they are black or white, or if they wear Superfly suits or blue windows with silver badges. Hit the road!

Remember Coleman Young? The guy who spent millions to create the world's greatest drive-thru; a great downtown area to look at while you drive down Woodward Avenue (windows up, doors locked) toward Canada.

Hey Jen--can we borrow Obama?


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