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Jen's back from Phoenix and her Showtime-less hotel room, so I can finally comment on the season premiere of Queer as Folk. For those of you that don’t watch the show, feel free to skip this one!

The Michael/Melanie custody storyline promises to be fascinating—mostly because it will be fun to see which of the two of them can be more cunty. My two least favorite characters going head-to-head for custody of Jenny Rebecca—that poor kid! With parents like that, she’s doomed. I say Michael has the distinct advantage on this one--after all, has Melanie ever won a case?

Oh, and I'm calling it now--Lindsay is going to pretend to be straight (not like she hasn't before) so she gets custody of the kid. We'll see if my prediction pans out.

Setting the whole Justin leaves for Hollywood thing during the hiatus really pissed me off. I wanted to see how Brian handled Justin leaving yet again. Of course, even an hour or so without Brian/Justin screen-time was almost too much, so I guess this was for the best. And was that Brian actually being joyful at the end of episode two? Dear me! That’s a sight you don’t often see.

Ted’s plastic surgery storyline seems idiotic. Is it just me, or was Ted only interesting when he was a meth-addict?

Highlights: Brian's fabulous "I am a cocksucker" speech; Melanie having good hair for the first time ever; the visual gag of Ted getting fatter in every subsequent scene (how funny was the Brando-loving twink?).

I call bullshit: Where the fuck was Drew Boyd?? The Emmett/Drew storyline was hands down the best of season four, yet not even a mention of our favorite supposedly straight football player?

Alright, those are my thoughts--care to share yours?


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at Thursday, May 26, 2005 11:51:00 AM Anonymous Kerri said...

I just happened to watch the premiere last night, so I'll comment. How is it I can watch this show when i hate ALL the characters?? While I can't say I take offense exactly at the lazy unfunny muff-diving crap, I do at least wish it were FUNNY. Yes, the show does play host to two of the most irritating and miserable lesbians ever. Fair enough (I certainly won't argue there are not miserable, or irritating, or miserably irritating lesbians). BUT: haven't the gay men with not-so-barely concealed contempt for gay women evolved into more sophisticated dyke bashing? If i'm going to laugh at my own expense, I want to...well...LAUGH. As for queer identity being a neverending punch line about your dick or your asshole, I *guess* this could be the case, but I keep thinking there must be gay men somewhere tearing their hair out, though if the show is to be believed, they can't stop fucking long enough to watch tv).

My lesbian friend who adores this show is going to get a real dressing down from me next time i see her (there will be no muff licking involved btw). I just don't get it. Explain the appeal. Why do I watch? Even when i'm bored? And is it me or has every character been playing the same scene over and over for how many seasons?

The only part I liked was when Brian looked at Michael and seemed to ask himself, finally: why am i your friend????

at Thursday, May 26, 2005 12:32:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the lesbian characters--they seem to embody every nasty stereotype of lesbians (Melanie's outright contempt for men, Lindsay just needing the "right man" to come along). Maybe Showtime thinks that "The L Word" has enough diversity to justify these bland, two-dimensional characters. And the jokes along that line are getting stale--I mean, "marathon muff-athon"? Seriously.

But, I don't hate all of the characters; maybe I like a lot of them because they are so flawed. I think Brian is a revolutionary character for TV, but only because he'd be so *normal* if he was straight. (And particularly when practically-virginal Jack from "Will and Grace" is Middle America's idea of a promiscuous gay man!) But, is he a bastard? Absofuckinglutely he is. Is it wrong that that's why I love him? Probably!

There are times, though, when I wish the show was less about queer identity--like they should just take "queer" out of the title, because it seems to create a situation where a TV show becomes a political act, and I think that's bullshit. Having gay and lesbian characters shouldn't be some revolutionary act--maybe five years ago, but not anymore. Maybe if the show was just about the characters (and not their sexual identity) then you could feel free to stop watching characters you can't stand, and I could just enjoy my mindless, guilty-pleasure viewing, without feeling like there is some kind of good liberal imperative forcing us to remain loyal!

at Friday, May 27, 2005 11:34:00 AM Blogger person x said...

My thoughts:

After the insane wait between seasons, I am shocked to say that I am disappointed. Not only at the complete disregard of the Brian/Justin “move in with me because I want you here always” cliffhanger, but it seems that everything is a little forced.

Granted, there are only 13 (!!!!) episodes this season (two of which aired this week, and two of which will air on the final night), so they have to wrap things up quickly, but come on! Do you have to make Teddie superfat all of a sudden, out of nowhere? I thought Teddie was always happy because, if he didn’t have anything else, he could always stay in shape. And how did he just switch from working out every day to eating everything under the sun – and in one sitting?

Oops! Rage is cancelled. Guess that Justin has to go back to Pittsburg. An easy end to that plot line, and no discussion of him choosing the movie world over Brian’s world.

Melanie and Lindsay? Okay. I’m about sick of Melanie being RAGING BITCH all the time – and that being the sole existence of her character.. You would think that in the 6 months since the story took place (I think I heard right that it was 6? Correct me if I’m wrong.), she would be less of a fucking psycho toward Lindsay and be trying to create some form of coexistence. At least for Gus, who is old enough to know what is going on, and that his mommy fucked a guy and his other mommy will not stop bringing it up. But when has she not been a psycho? and I guess it fits with this abbreviated storyline. No wonder Michael all of a sudden wants to have join custody. Everyone’s emotions have to be over the top to allow resolution within one or two episodes.

I don’t know. This Sunday’s episode had better improve on things. Like I said, it all just seems so rushed. Remember when there were 26 episodes per season, and plot lines really had a chance to develop? They are lucky that I got sucked in during those seasons and must find out what will happen to the characters. Otherwise I might just site down and just rewatch season one to make it all better.

And all I have to say is that if Justin and Brian get married at the end of this season I will throw something through my brand new television, which would make Ian a sad, sad boy. At the rate that this season is progressing, however, I wouldn’t put it past the writers.

My ideal ending? Brian finally telling Justin that he loves him. End scene. End show. End series. Isn’t that what it’s all been about from the beginning? Not stupid Michael and Ben buying a house and becoming domestics. It’s always been about Brian and Justin. And the one thing that Brian has not been able to say to him.

To be continued on Sunday – hopefully I don’t tear the shit out of that episode, too.

at Friday, May 27, 2005 3:32:00 PM Blogger Dane meets Simone said...

ok i must append my comment from the other day, as i saw the end of episode 2 last night (see i told you i can't stop watching). I realized that i don't mind brian being a total bastard. i mind brian being a total *boring* bastard. the remedy to this problem is, of course, Justin. (I have a similar problem with Justin, in that he too is much more interesting when he's with Brian. The whole time he was in LA, all I kept thinking was "damn, he's so SHORT.") i would echo jen's complaints if i actually cared enough but i'm so tapped out from caring about the L Word (and thus complaining incessantly about it) that i can't go there. I will say that I would prefer, in the future, all sex scenes between Michael and Ben to be between Brian and Justin instead.

You girls behave yourselves in Chicago.

at Friday, May 27, 2005 5:16:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

there some episodes that are so boring, the only thing that saves them *are* the Brian and Justin sex scenes, In fact, I once saw a website that just took all the Brian/Justin sex scenes and set them to music. Maybe I should just download all of those videos and call it a day!

Oh, and Jen and I are currently watching Law & Order SVU on her big ass tv--it's the episode with, you guessed it, the guy who plays Brian Kinney. We are so fucking predictable.


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