You're going down, baby, baby. You're in a tailspin.

See the big red cranes? And how they are about a gazillion stories tall (or 100 feet)? Well, this dumbass decided to climb one "to make a point."

Turns out that the man, Darryl Murphy, claimed that a documentary idea about the Robert Taylor homes he had sent to Oprah Winfrey was stolen by Eddie Murphy and used as the basis for his sit-com, "The PJs." (Didn't that get canceled anyway? And that's kind of what he gets for sending in unsolicited material.)

So, in order to plead his case and draw attention to this tragedy, he...climbs up a construction crane at what will eventually become Trump Tower.

Now, why do I bring this up? Well, first it is silly and retarded to try and settle something like this, um, on a crane. Secondly, it happened out the window where I work, and I wanted to share.

And how did it end up? Did he fall to his death? Or did they just lower the crane when he didn't get his ass down?

If you guessed the latter, you are correct. Prizes for you.

Oh, yeah. And after he got down? Jail.

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