Apparently, we are on the right track.

For those of you who had to sit through Bush's speech last night, and did not have the luxury of having to miss it for puppy class, I'm sure that you were motivated, inspired...


I'll cut the crap.

Maybe you found the fact that the White House Advance Team faked the applause a little humorous. Or completely disturbing.

Me? I read through the speech with a smirk, and tallied all of the catchwords that were supposed to get us lowly commonfolk inspired.

So, here's the count:

Sept. 11: 5
Freedom: 21
Osama bin Laden: 2
Saddam Hussein: 2
Some form of "War is hard.": 8
Terror/Terrorists/Terrorism: 34
"They": 39

Mistake: 1 (In discussing a deadline for pulling troops)
Weapons: 3 (Never in context of WMDs)

Iraq: 92
"Mission Accomplished": 0

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at Wednesday, June 29, 2005 3:53:00 PM Blogger Tom said...

Yeah...can Bush use the word Freedom more in a speech that is at its core, not about freedom. And, how dumb is the American public to believe that you can invade a foreign country in the name of freedom. It was pretty aweful wasn't it.

I was also told that they ordered the soldiers specifically not to applaud, as their polls on the matter were mixed results. Nothing like a scripted public affair. God bless America.


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