QAF 503: I thought only Mexican parents wrapped their strollers in plastic?

Stereotypical, sure. But if you lived in Chicago you would know what I mean. Doesn’t matter the temperature or the weather, but all Mexican parents have the little plastic cover for their stroller on – all the time. Like Lindz in QAF episode 503.

So, I have finally gotten around to writing this episode’s recap and criticism. I figured that I had better do it either before Annamaria kicked my ass or the next episode aired. I have finals right now, though, so you must forgive me.

So, here’s what happened, in a nutshell. Brian and Michael are growing further apart. (Yay! Does this mean that we’ll see less of the ever-morphing Mikey?)

Brian, despite his being successful on all other levels can’t seem to get more than 11 boys to show at Babylon. How is it that he can get a packed house for Justin’s launch of Rage at the same club, but can’t get more than 11 people to come to his club, regardless of his supposed marketing genius? Shitty story line, but Justin comes to the rescue and helps save the day.

My and Annamaria’s favorite Brian/Justin exchange:
Brian: Sunshine, how did I ever get along without you?
Justin: You didn’t.

Aw! My heart is a-burstin from all the Brian/Justin love, but then there’s all the other bullshit that no one cares about from the episode. For example:

Mikey and Ben get their new place on Stodgy and Boring Ave. and proceed to be – you guessed it – stodgy and boring.

Mel and Mikey’s custody battle heats up! And crash, boom, surprise! Guess who ends up being the biggest and baddest of the bitches? Fucking Lindsay, who takes Brian’s advice (and lawyer) and kicks the shit out of everyone. I mean, good for her for having some balls and not letting Mel handle things for once.

And the whole “trust me, I’ll take care of things” from Mel? If she wasn’t involved in any legal decision she would have no rights going forward if Mel decided to be a bitch – and that’s not a stretch to imagine.

Emmett fails miserably at being Queer Guy by talking about nose hairs? Something tells me that he would have practiced this segment in front of one of his friends, who (hopefully) would have immediately told him that he needed to let his flame burn a teeny tiny bit brighter than…nose hairs.

And then blah, blah, blah. Debbie retires from the diner to spend more time with Horvath. Were Annamaria and I the only ones to realize that Debbie is not that old? And what is she going to do well the man is at work? Something tells me that Debbie isn’t going to make the best domestic.

After rewatching the first two episodes, as well as this one, I have to admit that I’m getting into QAF again. Granted, if shit goes awry and some things happen throughout the season that a little birdie told me about I’ll be pissed.

Let’s just say that the writers may force things to wrap up with a big shiny happy bow, and that’s just not the way shit works (or how I want it to work, at least).


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at Friday, June 03, 2005 5:28:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Yeah, you pretty much said everything I was going to say if you didn't get your shit together and post this damn recap!

I was pretty much ready to write off this season (and the show, unfortunately) after the dismal season premiere, so it was great to see things back to form in 503. They even managed to give us some of that hilarious dialogue that I've been missing.

The Showtime site has a preview of 504, with Brian and Justin at dinner with Michael and Ben and some of their Stodgy and Boring Ave. neighbors. Brian acts like, well, Brian and pisses off Mikey by criticizing his new found domestic bliss...but the kicker is that he seems to piss off Justin as well. Hmmm...maybe Brian is going to have to rethink his stance on marriage. I really hope not!


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