QAF 505: Seriously. That’s it?

Yawn. I'm just glad that damn custody battle is resolved. I couldn't stand one more second of it. I thought they might start dividing poor JR into actual thirds.

My I-Want-to-Kill-Mel Moment:
Since when did hiring a babysitter to go to a PTA meeting turn into child abandonment? And first assuming that they skipped out on baby duty to go to Babylon, and then saying that she didn't give a crap about their son when she found that they were at a school meeting for him? Skankbag.

And Ted? How pissed would I be at my plastic surgeon? All he did was pull the pillow out from under his shirt and tell him to turn his frown upside down. Oh. And apparently gave him an eyelash curler and a little bit of mascara.

"Ted, you look fabulous."

That pained look while he tried to give Ted a compliment is exactly why I love Brian. That ass can really crack me up.

Speaking of Brian, though, I feel like he's really getting shit on right about now. He's getting pressured into domesticity by every person around him, whether it is the Boring and Stodgy Ave. crew, Justin, babies, whatever.

Michael blows him off (not in a good way) for the party planned in his honor. Invites him to a dinner party where he should have known that he would not fit in and leaves him to be insulted by Agnes and Edith (aka Stodgy and Boring Ave. friends).

And then there's Justin. He's starting to get on my nerves as well. Fucked his brains out in Hollywood, comes back to Pittsburg to join Brian in a couple's foursome just last episode, and now he's drawing syphilis on Rage's face and sulking because he would like to mimic Novotny's bullshit Suzie homemaker routine. Garbage.

Three cheers for Hunter, though, for telling the parents what fascist assholes they are. But just when he thinks that things are going well and he starts to trust Callie again, she crushes his soul by going to the mall with hunky not-at-all-like-Hunter guy.

Things I don't believe: That Brian has never contracted an STD; That Debbie had no idea Loretta was hitting on her; That Debbie has apparently never been hit on by the ladies, even though she frequents the gay bars; That QAF cops out again by not letting the Loretta storyline play out because of some story equating Debbie to shrimp. Come on. Why is everything such a quick solution? Such a clean break?

And then, there's Daphne. My sweet Daphne. Where in the hell has she been? I love that girl and she only makes a :20 cameo each season.

In good news, though, Showtime is actually starting to auction off things that I would actually give a shit about. No more pairs of Brian's Seven jeans. No more shirts. I want memorabilia. I want the real deal. I want things from the Liberty Diner! And, finally, my prayers have been answered this week with the listing of the big menu and diner sign. Love it.

But speaking about the ultra queer, check out Brian's shirt that is up for auction this week.

Check out this week’s auctions here. And feel free to buy me something.


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at Tuesday, June 14, 2005 8:06:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

How much did I hate Callie after last night's episode? Here I was thinking that she was going to be Hunter's friend after she stood up to her parents, but no, stupid Matt, or whatever the fuck his name is, shows up and Hunter's back to being a leper.

I'm glad you feel the same way about Brian. It's like he's being punished for being the same person he's always been. And while I hate seeing Brian and Justin fight, I'm so glad Brian called him on his bullshit, and pointed out that he could have just as easily gotten syphilis from Justin as the other way around.

But, Jen, you were remiss and forgot to mention my two favorite scenes: First, Ted getting hit on at the lesbian bar--I missed most of the rest of this scene because I couldn't stop laughing. And Brian informing his past sexual partners that they need to get tested--watching the dancing stop while the Babylon version of Telephone spreads the news very nearly saved this storyline.

Oh, and I was a little concerned about the tenderness between Melanie and Lindsay at the end of the episode. I swear, if those two get back together after all this I will scream. For the first time in five years, Lindsay seems to have developed a backbone, and I would hate to see her lose that and submit to Melanie yet again.

Things I don't believe--a third of the way through the season and no mention of either Drew Boyd or Jennifer Taylor. Um, excuse me, I know I'm not a mother or anything, but I would think that if my child was thousands of miles away from me for 3-6 months, I might visit him when he got back.

at Tuesday, June 14, 2005 12:42:00 PM Blogger person x said...

I, too, am a little concerned over the Mel/Lindsay tenderness. You cannot even tell me that this situation is going to become magically okay. And that Mel is going to stop being a bitch and never throw Linds fucking a man back in her face during an argument. Because we all know that when things aren't going Mel's way she love to pull that out, dust it off, and throw it right in Lindsay's face. That is not going to change.

Lindsay late picking up the kids from school: "It's because you fucked a man!"

Lindsay forgot to pay a bill last month: "It's because you fucked a man!"

You get the point.

And where is Drew Boyd? No mention of him, or at least his wedding to what's-her-face. You would think that would at least be in the papers and Emmett would have to sulk/rise above that. Give us something. Give us a little hint of Drew, even if he won't be back!

And Callie. Cold, heartless, bitchy Callie. She had better turn things around by next episode or I'm going to end up hating her like I hate her parents.

Okay, but have I also mentioned how terrified I am about Justin getting relationship advice from Michael in the next episode? Which is never a good idea. Last time he took Mikey's advice he got his ass kicked out of the loft.

It seems like Justin is reverting back to what he was like in season 2, despite the fact that he told Brian in season 3 that he knew what Brian expected from their relationship and was cool with it. Now not so much?

at Tuesday, June 14, 2005 3:14:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Oh fuck. Relationship advice from Michael? Justin and Brian are doomed. Seriously, Justin should just start packing up his shit now.

And you're so right about Justin reverting back to season two. If he wants monogamy and domesticity, fine, but he's not going to have that with Brian. And he knows that. So what's with the pouty face? After all, Brian has shown him time and again that he is the one that matters--right from the first night. Not the tricks, not Mikey, not the rest of the family, only Justin matters. But, if Brian doesn't equate fidelity with monogamy that's not going to change because of the inconvenience of a penicillin shot. And to Brian, that's what syphilis is--an inconvenience, a reason to abstain from sex for 48 hours.

at Tuesday, June 14, 2005 7:59:00 PM Blogger ID said...


I haven't gotten quite as analytical with this season of QAF. Everything seems forced and very scripted. Its almost as if they fired the writer from the first 4 seasons and hired someone from Days of Our Lives.

yeah. kind of unimpressed thus far.


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