QAF 510: Three little words.

Lauper's lipsync sucked.

Oh, you thought I was going to talk about three other little words?

Like how Brian f'ing Kinney told Justin that he loves the little brat, despite his not recognizing all the signs of love prior to that point?

Le's start from the beginning though, shall we?

Most of the talk is about this fag-tastisc benefit that will be put on to raise dollars to support the "No on Prop-14" crowd. However, the gay-hater pressure is taking over the town. Pittsburgh has started to install straight and gay drinking fountains. Gays have to sit at the back of the bus. No gays eating at the lunch counter.

And they aren't allowed to hold a benefit at any venue in the entire city – except Babylon.

Bet you can't guess what happens next, and who they send as an ambassador to get Kinney to rent the gang the place. Of course. Michael. Who is still acting the role of the huge douche bag. I wish he would die. More on that later, though. For now:


So, of course, Brian Kinney lends the helping hand that anti-Prop-14 needs. With no thanks, as usual. Ben suggests getting him something, and of course Michael says no. I wish he would just die. How many times must Brian save the gay population of Pittsburgh? Can we all say Concerned Citizens for Truth?

Doesn't matter though, because Brian is cancer free! And he tells Teddie, of course, who proceeds to give him a big huge hug that Brian, for once, doesn't look like he wants to pull away from.

Ted is a good friend. I just wish that his search for a man would be successful. I was expecting to see Blake on the pages of the online dating service. Every damn week I am expecting for them to have Blake come back. And did anyone else think for a brief second that Brian was going to ask Ted to Australia too?

So. Babylon. I've already discussed the horrible lipsyncing performance. And then there is the explosion, which happens in the form of a giant, low-budget ball of light. Scary! I'm assuming that Dusty dies, as she was standing right next to Michael. As would have Lindsay, had she gone in without Melanie. Emmitt, however, who is standing fairly close to this crowd, comes out remarkably sparkly and unscathed. Michael is seriously injured and may not pull through (!).

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be terribly sad because of this news. But I'm not. I'm happy. I’m a bad, bad person.

And were they going to clean Michael up before his emergency surgery, because something tells me all that dirt and soot could lead to infection.

But you know what makes me cry in this show? And it's not Michael. Brian finally telling Justin that he loves him – and several times to boot. Ready for cheesiness? It's like the bombing of Babylon didn't just bring down the walls of the club; it also brought down Brian's emotional walls as well. His fear of relationships. In those few minutes when he thought he would never see Justin again -- ever -- he realized what he would be missing if he lived a life without Justin.

There's a lot of other stuff going on (Drew/Emmitt fight, make up after explosion; Mel/Linds decide the weird/fucked up sex from the other night was a mistake, Mel realizes that she still loves Linds, Linds meets with Jennifer to sell the house, explosion brings Mel and Linds back together forever; Jennifer and Tucker the Mommy Fucker attend the benefit, Justin is unhappy, Jen/Tuck cuddle outside the bombed out while Justin is still missing?). But who really cares? Brian loves Justin!

And I'm so glad they brought up the blood issue. Not that Brian would have been able to donate because of his cancer (which I was thinking from the first second that he offered up his blood), but had he been in good health and not recovering from cancer, what's up with not allowing gay men to not donate blood if they've had sex since 1975? But a man can fuck a crackwhore without a condom all he wants and it's all gravy. As long as he is a man and she is a woman, no questions asked.

It's funny. Annamaria and I were talking about this the last time she was in town, since we both have trouble giving blood in the first place. You'll have to post in the comments to tell the exact story, but Annamaria told me about some sort of conversation with a Red Cross worker about "those" people and changing what "they" do in order to donate blood – but in reality it wouldn't matter anyway. They still fucked guys since '75.

Okay. End of off-topic rant.

I'm going to go crazy waiting for next week's episode. I need to know what happens with all the love. Who is left to wrap up? Michael has to die (not likely, but I wish), Justin/Brian have to work things out, and Ted has to figure out something.

Just don't watch the preview scenes on sho.com, because they will wreck it for you. I promise.

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at Monday, July 18, 2005 12:41:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Ho-hum. What a boring episode.

Yeah, anyway, I'm not a very good liar. Particularly when I when I squealed loud enough to raise the fucking dead when Brian finally told Justin that he loves him. According to the Showtime message boards, he apparently said it *four times* last night...I only heard two, so I guess I'm just going to have to watch that scene over and over again tonight until I hear them all!

I too would like to see Michael die, but that might make Brian sad, so I guess I can handle simply maimed for life. And how great was Ben telling Debbie to shut the fuck up because this isn't about her? Now if he could only utter the same words to his husband on occasion.

The explosion wasn't very, ahem, explosive...actually it kind of reminded me of Pulp Fiction. You know, where they open the briefcase, and all you see is a bright, white light? If I didn't already know the building was going to blow, I would have assumed they were all going to be abducted by aliens.

Oh, Jen--Tucker the Mommy Fucker? Brilliant. Inspired. I'm so jealous I didn't come up with that moniker!

So, yeah, fantastic episode. Damn you, QAF! Why do you have to get so fucking good now that there are only a few episodes left? Couldn't you all have spared us the ridiculous JR tug-of-war, and had Babylon blow up earlier in the season? Three weeks is not enough to play out the Brian loves Justin and wants to marry him story line.

at Monday, July 18, 2005 1:02:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Oh, I almost forgot! Here is my True Annamaria Story: I Hate the Red Cross.

Some backstory, if you will. When I was born, I needed an emergency blood transfusion (Mommy is Rh negative, I'm Rh positive). Thanks to blood donation, I am alive and well today. So, needless to say, I believe that it is important for all healthy people to donate blood as a thank you for the very fact of my continued existence (it all comes back to me in the end!).

So, when I turned 18, I made it a point to go to the Red Cross every few months or so to donate blood. I never really paid attention to the questionaire you have to fill out, since I pretty much answered "no" to everything.

A few years ago, I went to the clinic to donate, and I noticed this question:

* Are you a male who has had sex with another male since 1977, even once?

I asked the phlebotomist what happens to donors who answer yes to this question, and she told me that their blood would be disposed in biomedical waste without testing it first, and they would be placed on a no-donor list for six months.

Then I said, but after six months, the answer to those questions will still be "Yes", so doesn't this constitute a permanent exclusion of gay men? And her response was something along the lines of "Well, if those people would stop their unhealthy behavior, it wouldn't be a problem." To which I replied, "Thanks, but I won't be donating blood anymore" and walked out. I haven't donated blood since then.

Frankly, this issue pisses me off. All kinds of people are at risk for HIV transmission, and to argue that only gay men pose a health risk is not only homophobic and ignorant, but it places us all at risk by turning away potential donors at a time when blood reserves are dangerously low. The other day, the Red Cross issued a plea for donations because Michigan's supply of AB Negative blood would only last for another three hours. There are millions of gay men who could be potential donors, but because the FDA seems to believe that being gay is the only risk factor for HIV transmission, they aren't allowed to donate.

I wouldn't have a problem if the question was revised--for instance, do you routinely have sex (vaginal, oral or anal) without a condom or dental dam? If the answer is yes, the donor should be directed to the nearest clinic for a battery of STD tests prior to blood donation. Or, if the answer is yes, the blood can be drawn and stored for six months, tests conducted, and if it remains disease free, used for blood transfusions. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know how viable the second option is, but it makes more sense to me than simply throwing blood away without bothering to test it first.

at Monday, July 18, 2005 5:33:00 PM Blogger person x said...

I also only heard the "I love you" twice. So, of course, I had to dig around until I could find video or audio.

And it's the internet, so of course I found something.

at Tuesday, July 19, 2005 7:45:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

Upon further review of the scene (I'm making this sound all scientific, as if that's the reason I keep watching over and over again!), I heard all four "I love yous", as well as what could be a very muffled "love you, too" from Justin. Which is good, because I was wondering what was up with his mute act in that scene!

at Tuesday, July 19, 2005 11:24:00 AM Blogger person x said...

Okay. Now I'm pissed that I'm at work, because I want to go home and see all four "I love you"s. Dammit.

at Tuesday, July 19, 2005 11:34:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

Alright, there are the two clearly identifiable "I love you"s, followed by a muffled "love you" when Brian leans in to kiss Justin the second time, and an even more muffled "love you" when the camera pans away and they hug. Listen carefully, and you can hear Justin say "love you, too" right after that.

Of course, the last two could be figments of our collective overactive imaginations!


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