"Wow. I feel so much better now."

I'm sure that's what the father of the 15-year-old kid killed for his iPod was thinking when he received a personal phone call from Steve Jobs. Nice gesture, but really?

I would like to see Nike call all the kids killed for their kicks.

Maybe he offered him another iPod. Or maybe a few mill' for his troubles. I mean, Jobs did say during his phone call that he was willing to do anything for the poor father.

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at Thursday, July 07, 2005 9:35:00 AM Blogger Kurt said...

Go easy on him. While he can come across as an egotistical SOB, is it Steve Jobs fault that his company created a cultural icon?
I know it seems callous and protecting corporate interests for him to call, but isn't that part of his job too? Apple shareholders suffered for a long time before this gravy train came in and they sure aren't ready for it to leave the station yet.
It's funny how the backlash against "consumerism" will be directed at the producers of the status symbols instead of what makes status symbols.
I'm sad that some people's lives are so shallow that it is worth killing another for a toy (even an expensive toy).
Maybe Mr. Jobs and Mr. Rose could work to establish a foundation in the son's name that would provide some sort of educational and ethical training for NYC's young.
"We're failing these kids. We're not loving them the way we're supposed to." , Mr. Rose was quoted in the NY Times as saying. It seems as though he, while grieving his son, recognizes there is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed.
Thanks for the chance to vent, and sorry about confusing you and Annamaria on webjay.
A buddy of mine went to Taste of Chicago last weekend to see Santana and Los Lonely Boys (my current favorite). Did you?

at Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:59:00 AM Blogger person x said...

You know, I missed the Taste.

Actually, truth be told -- I avoided it, even though there were a few acts that I would have liked to see. It just gets so crazy down there. And I can't stand when people don't walk with purpose, which happens so frequently at downtown festivals, etc.

Closest that I got was when I went to Grant Park for a softball game on the Saturday of the Taste. It was crazy, even on the fringe. I did hear the musical acts were great, though.

I'm going to a smaller neighborhood festival this weekend -- and dragging Annamaria along, who will be in town again! I love when she visits! Anyway, we'll see how many people stop randomly in front of me, making me think very mean thoughts about knocking them down and what have you.


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