Picture this: Jen gets confused by the religious.

I know. It's strange. But religion confuses me. It shouldn't, really, having grown up in a religious family, attending Sunday school classes at the Ukrainian church that I attended. And forget about saying bad things about religion in front of my grandma. She already thinks I'm going to hell, I think.

I know how it all operates. But sometimes things confuse me.

Let me preface my little story by telling you a little bit about the block that I live on. One main street features a Planned Parenthood. Around the corner from that is a crazy god store. Just down the street from crazy god store is one of those "fake" family planning clinics where they front like they are going to give you fair and unbiased advice about pregnancy, contraception, etc. -- but, let's face it. They're about as fair and unbiased as the Fox News channel. They get you in there and do not give you all the options where pregnancy is concerned -- and forget it if you are interested in getting information on an unwanted pregnancy.

So, I'm coming home from work the other day, and there's a man on the ground in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic.

"Hmmm, I wonder if he dropped some things," I think.

Then I remember about the religious weirdos -- the ones who think that Planned Parenthood is only about abortion and that contraception is an abortificant, and who forget that the organization also offers other lady services like annual exams and what have you.

And it hits me -- this man is praying in front of the Planned Parenthood.

I have grown a little complacent since moving to Chicago. I hate to admit it. I haven't seen the crazies in action in so long (with the exception of the 30 or so pro-lifers holding up photos of various "fetus" photos while standing about 20 feet apart down a main road in a suburb of Chicago) that I almost forgot what is out there.

What I'm thinking is that I should do one of two things to get those radical juices flowing again:

1) Go to fake pregnancy clinic, fake a pregnancy scare (because then, at least, we'll all be faking) and document my findings. Then flyer polls around the fake pregnancy clinic regularly, as it is right near my bus stop, warning the unsuspecting woman of the dangers that lurk inside.

2) Pray outside of their clinic, and should someone question me I could tell them that I am praying to their god for forgiveness them and for those inside, as misinformation, less-than-accurate information, ignorance, and deception to those in a fragile state/seeking advice/seeking guidance/seeking options in any situation is disturbing, wrong, and immoral.

3) Or I could just play the easy route and just donate/volunteer at Planned Parenthood.

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at Tuesday, August 23, 2005 5:07:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

I know I have something to say here, but haven't had a chance to work it through. In the meantime, don't paint us all with the Pat Robertson brush please...

at Wednesday, August 31, 2005 12:43:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

ok, I have a few moments now and have thought a bit...
Religion, and the perversion of faith that can go with it, doesn't confuse me as much as piss me off.
Religion, as I see it, should be about facilitating and assisting believers and seekers to question their ideas about God and His relationship to us, in order to strengthen that relationship. My relationship is personal, meaning both my business not yours and inimate not just generic. I need a church or other believers to test my ideas and also to aid my life. My church family is an extension of my genetic family. Which isn't to say there aren't some black sheep and uncles no one wants to discuss!
"I know how it all operates."
If you can understand the mystery of a relationship with God, you and I need to spend about 8 days talking so you can teach me to understand.
My brother and I are currently discussing the apparent science or religion paradox. He suggests that the two fields are completely compatible because they are asking different questions and looking for different answers.
"How does biology work?" is quite different than "Why am I here and what purpose does my existence serve?"
Anyway, it's a good idea to pray for anyone that seems to be in pain and struggling with issues. I also believe that any volunteer work is beneficial to community and the one volunteering. And Planned Parenthood is a good place to volunteer.
Thanks for caring enough to even think about these things.


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