There is nerdy. And then there is...NERDY

Nerdy to the end, ya'll.

You would have thought that getting canned from his job would have been the hint to this South Korean that he was more than a little addicted to video games. Apparently he missed so much work, opting to stay home with his computer instead, that he was fired.

Then, 49 hours after entering an Internet cafe to play games on the computer, he dies. Not a heart attack or anything like that, mind you.

He dies of exhaustion.

He literally did not get up from the computer for 49 hours and fucking died.

Now, I'm one for playing the games and being a little nerdy, but I'll at least get up on occasion to, say, drink some water. Or eat a sandwich. Or go to the toilet. I don't want to be called nerdy for game playing ever again, because I'm not play-49-hours-until-you-die kinda nerdy. So there.

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at Thursday, August 11, 2005 12:00:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

he must've had an addictive personality (like me), so it wasn't his fault. Lots of good not having any blame is doing him now, huh?
I remember when we first got the Sims. My kids would play like crazy - my wife and I would make them turn it off to watch TV!
Then one night I started playing. And playing. And playing. I knew that day was going to be shot when I heard the alarm go off and saw that it was light outside. Wife went to work, kids went to school and Dad went to bed.
The worst part is - none of my people's life style rating was very high - they were all red!


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