Sex, Lies and Lawyers


Usually, Michigan elections are pretty boring. It’s always obvious that Republicans will win in Western Michigan, the GOP won’t even bother running a candidate in Detroit, and Carl Levin is Senator for Life. The most interesting Michigan election in recent history involved Spencer Abraham’s attempt to slander Debbie Stabenow by comparing her to a snack cake.

Of course, there is always one Michigander who is sure to stir up trouble: Geoffrey Fieger. Is there a more controversial figure from the Mitten State? Say what you will about Fieger (I tend to think that as the brother of The Knack’s Doug Fieger, he can do no wrong), he’s an indomitable force in Michigan politics, which is why recent allegations that he committed elections fraud and attempted to blackmail Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has everyone in a bit of a tizzy.

The entire story is bizarre. Cox’s office was investigating Fieger for allegedly financing $450,000 in TV ads to defeat Republican-backed Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman. Cox claims that unless the investigation was dropped, Fieger, through his attorney Lee O’Brien, threatened go public with proof that Cox had an extramarital affair several years ago. Easy political death for an ambitious young Republican like Cox.

This morning, Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca (the only lawyer in Michigan who loves to see his face on TV as much as Fieger) announced he will not press charges against Fieger and O’Brien, citing a lack of credible evidence, even though he is, and I quote, "100% confident" that Fieger is guilty.

Fieger, meanwhile, is requesting that Governor Granholm launch an investigation to determine if Cox violated Fieger’s civil rights, and the Bank Secrecy Act, when he seized Fieger’s law office’s bank statements this summer. Oh, and he wants a separate investigation into the personal and financial relationship between Cox and, you guessed it, Republican-backed Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman.

Did I mention that Fieger is running against Cox in the Attorney General Race next year?

No offense to our dear friend Kurt, but Michigan is starting to look more and more like Texas everyday!

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at Wednesday, November 16, 2005 2:05:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

It sounds rather acrimonious there, I'll agree.
But you have a ways to go. We nearly had a governor that planned to "rope her like a heifer" when discussing his opponent.
One another occasion, the same candidate was dispensing this bit of wisdom to reporters on the topic of rape - after equating it to bad weather, he suggested "as long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it."
Guess which party's candidate he was?


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