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I’ve often wondered when men are going to take a serious look at the consequences that the Religious Right’s obsession with sexuality has on our lives. Thus far, the attacks have been aimed squarely at women: parental consent laws, abortion, birth control, etc. Well, boys, now the Right’s after you: they don’t want you to get blow jobs:

Certain cases of mouth cancer appear to be caused by a virus that can be contracted during oral sex, media reported, quoting a new Swedish study.

People who contract a high-risk variety of the human papilloma virus, HPV, during oral sex are more likely to fall ill with mouth cancer, according to a study conducted at the Malmo University Faculty of Odontology in southern Sweden.

"You should avoid having oral sex," dentist and researcher Kerstin Rosenquist, who headed the study, told Swedish news agency TT.

But, wait a minute! you’re saying. That’s a Swedish study, and we all know that there are no more liberal people on the planet that the Swedes! Why, it must be a crazy man-hating radical feminist conspiracy to keep women (literally) off their knees!

Wouldn't be crazy if there was some kind of vaccine which prevented not only HPV, but cancer as well? And it wouldn't it be even crazier if it was the feminists who were among its biggest supporters? And wouldn't it be unbelievably crazy if the Right was leading the charge in preventing FDA approval for the vaccine?

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