Finally, some good news…

On Friday, Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager asked Gov. Jim Doyle for permission to sue the FDA over their refusal to make a decision about making emergency contraception available over the counter. The FDA has already approved Plan B, which is simply a large dosage of birth control, for use with a prescription, but has been dragging its heels since February 2001, when 70 medical and public health organizations petitioned to make EC available without a prescription.

AG Lautenschlager maintains that the FDA’s delays are due to political pressure from anti-choice groups, who erroneously conflate Plan B with abortion. According to Lautenschlager, "the FDA's delays in approving the pills for over-the-counter distribution have hurt rape victims who want the pills immediately and strained state medical assistance programs with the costs of unplanned pregnancies." The Wisconsin AG can only file suit against a federal agency with the permission of the Governor’s office. Gov. Doyle has assembled a research group comprised of members of the Department of Health and Family Services and Department of Justice to look into possible public health risks posed by the FDA’s delay.

Don’t forget to head over the NARAL Pro-Choice America’s site, and tell the FDA to stop playing politics with women’s lives.

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