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I haven’t visited with our friends, the Concerned Women for Patriarchy America lately, and it seems they’ve uncovered all kinds of nefarious liberal plots while I’ve been off living my life. This title particularly intrigued me:

The Abortion-Homosexual Connection

Well, doesn’t that sound distressing? To think that homosexuals are performing abortions! Or is it that evil lesbians are getting themselves knocked-up by unwitting straight men only to go out and have abortions! Oh, I know! Genetic testing has allowed doctors to isolate a gay gene, and homosexual doctors are selectively aborting straight womb babies to aid the homosexual agenda and the queer quest for global dominance!

Okay, I give up. What is the abortion-homosexual connection? Does it have anything to do with The French Connection? I know that twinks really like to wear those FCUK t-shirts.
The Joy of FCUK

No, the abortion-homosexual connection is even worse that you thought. Check out what Robert Knight, CWFA director (and a man!), has to say:
[Susan] Kennedy's rise to the top of California's power structure is just the tip of the iceberg. Openly lesbian California Democratic legislators Sheila Kuehl and Carole Migden, along with openly homosexual Mark Leno, have led the fight against any restrictions on abortion while initiating a slew of pro-homosexual measures, including full-blown "gay marriage," promoting homosexuality in the schools, and a law prohibiting the state from doing business with firms that do not subsidize homosexual relationships. Leno and Kuehl are listed as co-authors of AB 654, a euthanasia bill so radical that it didn't even get a floor vote in the liberal-dominated Assembly.

At the national level, the pro-abortion National Organization for Women supports all aspects of the homosexual agenda, including same-sex "marriage," hate crime laws, and persecuting [sic] the Boy Scouts for barring homosexuals as scoutmasters.

Homosexual activist groups are players in liberal coalitions that work against pro-life judicial nominees, for socialized medicine, and for legislation restricting the rights of pro-life demonstrators, such as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, which treats pro-life protesters as criminals.

Don’t you see, folks, the evil abortion-homosexual connections? People who support individual liberty, human rights and privacy tend the be consistent! And as we all know, consistency is the enemy of the Religious Right. And Robert Knight has proof that the abortion-homosexual agenda is at direct odds with the values of “Christians” everywhere: some nutjob anti-choice advocate wrote a book called “The Criminalization of Christianity” wherein she posits that the ultimate goal of the homoabortionists is to, well, criminalize Christianity.
Longtime pro-life activist Janet Folger had an epiphany a few years ago at a pro-family conference at Coral Ridge Ministries in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She "suddenly connected the dots and realized it's all the same battle" after hearing a speaker discuss "the real aim of the homosexual agenda: the criminalization of Christianity."

When I was in college, I volunteered at my local Planned Parenthood clinic. Our director was a wonderful man, deeply committed to all aspects of social justice, including not only a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices, but also gay rights (by which, of course, I mean human rights). He was also a minister at a local Christian church. He never saw any conflict between his faith and his job at PPFA; in fact, he often argued that his faith was precisely the reason he chose to work at the clinic, because he believed that Christians cannot look the other way when confronted with injustice. I wonder if he knew that he was an instrument of evil, determined to vitiate his own religion. Somehow I doubt it.

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annamaria at 8:08 AM

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at Tuesday, December 06, 2005 3:41:00 PM Blogger Dane meets Simone said...

Oh my.

at Tuesday, December 06, 2005 5:16:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

Man, just when I was beginning to think that things were going good, Annamarie rocks my boat and stirs things up.
While reading the link provided, I could not believe my eyes (ears?); the leaps and links of logic this group uses are unbelievable! I'll bet those that write their site were very formidable debaters in college and could probably string together thoughts to make one believe that the burning of fossil fuels in large SUVs along with the hunting of endangered grizzly bears are actually good for the enviroment. Something like this - Large SUVs produced in America adhere to strict pollution control measures which third world countries do not have in place. Since our vehicles consume more gas and burn it cleaner, we are actually doing a service to the world, since all the fuel will be used eventually anyway. As far as bears go, everyone knows that when they fart, they produce prodigous amounts of methane. This contributes to the hole in the ozone layer, so if there are no bears farting, then the ozone layer last longer.
BTW, I agree with the minister you met in college. Me thinks he was probably a pastor of a "mainline" denomination such as Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist or Episcopalian. These denominations are shrinking while the shrill persons with handles on their Bibles (the better to swing rather than read) get the press and those looking for affirmation of their piety. Which do you think better exemplifies loving your neighbor as yourself?

at Wednesday, December 07, 2005 7:17:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

Kurt, I love the imagery of a Bible with a handle...I'm so stealing that line from you! :)

As for the PPFA director, I believe that he was a minister in an Episcopalian church, a rarity in western Michigan, which tends to be dominated by conservative churches, usually Christian (Dutch) Reformed. Those people are scary! Having spent time in Amsterdam, I don't understand how anything even remotely Dutch can be so puritanical!


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