Filmmaker rewards “moral” films; Annamaria yawns

I can imagine that Angelina Jolie is relieved that she’s unmarried and pregnant in a year when three whole movies with gay themes were released—certainly distracted the Quayle-ites from going after her, didn’t it?

I hope she remembers to add Michael Class to her Christmas card list…
An independent filmmaker, tired of the praise and awards heaped on films opposed to traditional values, is calling on others to join in the establishment of the American Values Awards for Movies and Television.

Filmmaker Michael Class says the awards seek to honour films and television that feature, "stories of love, honor, commitment, good versus evil, and the triumph of the human spirit."

Class is disgusted that Brokeback Mountain, the film about two cowboys who give in to homosexual tendencies while working as shepherds, has four Golden Globe awards and is likely to clean up at this year’s Oscars. Class, head of the independent studio, Magic Picture Frame Studio, calls Brokeback “morally confused” and says this is typical of big budget Hollywood films. “Brokeback Mountain? What's positive about a film whose main character's sexual behaviour destroys a family?”

Good lord, you’d think that Brokeback Mountain was the only movie released last year the way these idiots go on about it. Yes, it’s about adulterous gay cowboys…get over it already! Where was the outrage when Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix won Golden Globes for their portrayals of June Carter and Johnny Cash in Walk the Line? What, adultery is only offensive when it’s homosexual in nature? Mary Louise Parker picked up an award for her role as a suburban drug dealer in Weeds, no outcry there. But she’s not a lesbian, so I guess we can overlook her crimes, right?

In any given year, most of the films and performances nominated for the Golden Globes or Oscars offend me—because they are banal pieces of crap not worth the $8 a ticket at the local cineplex. The difference between me and people like Mr. Class is that I am apparently capable of turning off the TV, changing the station on the radio, and not buying tickets to see movies that don’t appeal to me. And I’m also capable of accepting that some people want to see the 40-Year Old Virgin, and I don’t have the right to stop them.

The above-linked article has this to say about Mr. Class: “This refrain from US conservatives is as old as Joseph McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee but Class has taken a more pro-active approach to the problem.” Only the far right can compare someone to McCarthy, and mean it as a compliment.


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at Thursday, February 02, 2006 5:47:00 PM Blogger issachar said...

You might be interested in this comment that was left on my cousin's blog, apparently by Mr. Class himself. It seems he's been somewhat misrepresented and he makes a good case.

It seems like some fans of Brokeback Mountain want there to be some sort of controversy. Maybe it will sell better or maybe it'll win more awards if someone protests it. It just doesn't seem like many people care to protest.

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