Does she lie about her gender, too?*

Ann Coulter has a lot of problems. Al Franken, who she may or may not have claimed to be friendly with, famously titled a chapter in Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, “Ann Coulter: Nutcase.” Besides her Tourettes-like tendency to spew invective and hatred at every turn (because, apparently, wishing a terrorist attack on the New York Times building or the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice is all good and well in Ann’s world), Ann seems to have trouble with even simple facts like when she was born and where she lives.

Palm Beach County officials are investigating Coulter's residence status to determine if she voted in the wrong precinct in February:

Palm Beach County's elections supervisor has given the right wing's unofficial mouthpiece 30 days to explain why she voted in the wrong precinct.

In a registered letter scheduled to be sent to her this week, Coulter is asked to "clarify certain information as to her legal residence," elections boss Arthur Anderson said.

"We want to give her a chance," Anderson said. "She needs to tell us where she really lives."

Or else? He could refer the case to State Attorney Barry
Krischer for criminal charges, Anderson said.

(H/t Crooks and Liars)

*Just to be clear, I'm not going to fall back on the incredibly sexist argument that Ann's pronounced larynx is evidence that she is a transwoman--frankly, I have too much respect for trannies to wish Ann into their ranks. Rather, I'm pointing out that Ann's hostility toward progressive causes clearly marks her as a traitor to her sex.


annamaria at 8:56 AM

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at Friday, March 31, 2006 3:24:00 PM Blogger dusty said...

Annie can kmfa. She's a pathetic wretched waste of human flesh..and that are the nice things I can say about her.

at Friday, March 31, 2006 3:26:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Dusty, I think you and I are going to get along just fine! :)

at Friday, March 31, 2006 4:37:00 PM Blogger ID said...

Imagine all of the icky places that that godforsaken finger has been. Yuck.

That lady is repulsive.

at Friday, March 31, 2006 8:05:00 PM Blogger Wake of the Flood said...

even when I agree with her I can't stand her. Not that I wish any harm come her way, unlike she with those who are the objects of her contempt. annamaria, why do you let the coulters of the world get under your skin?

at Friday, March 31, 2006 8:14:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Oh, Wake, it's not like I obsess over the woman or anything! Most of the time I'm happy to pretend that she doesn't exist. But, the age and residence things are important only to the extent that both point to serious voter fraud. That's an issue, and I don't care if it was Howard Dean that did it, I'd call them on it.

Coulter is odious to me for one reason--and surprisingly its not her hyperbolic, violent fantasies--it's because I get the feeling that she's not even sincere about her political leanings. It's like she just wants her side to win without really caring about the actual consequences for people when they do. It's just all a big game to her.

at Saturday, April 01, 2006 5:17:00 PM Blogger Dane meets Simone said...

i'm trying to imagine what ann coulter could possibly say that i'd agree with. hmm...


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