In case you've been wondering what Jen's been up to

I wonder if Ian knows...

Hood College is reviewing its homecoming rules after a lesbian was crowned king, a college official says.

But Jennifer Jones, the 21-year-old senior who beat out three men for the honor, says her victory last month was a plus for the private liberal-arts college. “It is cool that Hood allows people to be themselves,” Jones, of Newark, Del., told The Frederick News-Post. “If people didn’t want me to be king, they wouldn’t have nominated me and voted for me.”

Alright, so it's not our Jen, but it is damn funny!

annamaria at 1:01 PM

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at Wednesday, March 08, 2006 1:17:00 PM Blogger ID said...

Thats awsome. Leave it to private schools to make it happen. Look at the Catholic-spewing god den that I attend. Starting this past quarter DePaul began a Queer Studies minor. Im sure the Catholic donors to the school looooovvvved that.

at Wednesday, March 08, 2006 1:30:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

Well, you're already more progressive than the mid-sized public university I attended. No Queer Studies program. We did have a Women's Studies department, but in order to major in it I had to also major in something else as well--you know, a real discipline.


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