A parody of a parody is one too many

Remember when Kerri offered to usher me into the fabulous world of lesbian chic via her patented Sapphic 12-Step Program? I'm a little upset that I still haven't been invited to Soho for martinis and Djarums on the patio. What's up with that, Kerri? Did you lose my phone number? I know I wrote it clearly on that matchbook. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take the advice of that lovely billboard at the top of this post and visit gay.com to renounce my heterosexual ways without your help.

For those lacking the ability to recognize sarcasm, the billboard is a parody of several Exodus International ads targeted at "reforming" homosexuals and allowing them to live long, happy and unfulfilled lives as straight people. Fun!

Of course, Exodus International doesn't find the billboards so funny, and have issued a cease and desist order to both Justin Watt (the creator of the parody) and Ex-Gay Watch. I'm not surprised--how big a step is it from condemning someone's freedom of sexual expression to denying their freedom of expression full stop? Kind of ironic given the anti-gay brigade's incessant whinging* about having their own voices silenced.

*Thanks, Rich! That's my new favorite word!


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at Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:52:00 PM Blogger ID said...

Good site. How exactly does one log into gay.com? I imagine this immense ledger held secretly in Elton John's basement, where upon requesting an account at gay.com one must first be confirmed through the proper channels that one is in fact gay.

Im sure the actual process is much less exciting and covert, however, it is way more exciting than its counterpart over at www.god.com. I was waiting to see a Christian travelocity advert. Something like, "Moral trips at hedonistic prices." But, no such luck.


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