Two more reasons to love Ted Leo

You already love him for being confident enough in his indie-rockitude to cover Kelly Clarkson and Bruce Springsteen, and his signature wristband and anti-war guitar just proves that Ted Leo is a man whose coolness is almost criminal--he's claimed so much of the cool for himself, there is a lamentable shortage for the rest of us. So, it is with heavy heart that I inform you that Ted is actually much cooler than we ever gave him credit for. Last night Ted informed the small crowd at the Blind Pig that he was going to be a little off his game that evening because he was upset to be missing the season finale of Project Runway. Yes, that's right, Cooler-Than-You Ted is a Santino fan. So, Project Runway haters, I do believe I have just been vindicated!

The other reason to love Ted? This bag:

While some bands content themselves with t-shirts and buttons, Vegan Ted encourages you to shop organic with this lovely canvas tote bag. And I thought the Decemberists onesie was cute...


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