why abortion should be illegal...

I am actually giddy with glee.

The title of this post - "why abortion should be illegal" - was entered in Google as a search term, and wouldn't you know it that the religious fundamentalist BOMT blog ended up in the second page of results! I am so proud of the potential people that this may draw to our site.

Like we did with "Human Battling Bitches" awhile back, let's see who else we can get. Leave your favorite anti-choice/homophobic/general Republican statements in the comments, and I'll revise the post to include.

Project, people! I'll start:

hedonistic homosexuals
abortion causes cancer
birth control causes cancer
gay marriage ruins family values


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at Tuesday, March 28, 2006 5:48:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

a rising tide lifts all boats

i hate that one. what if you don't have a boat, huh?

hey, can i introduce you to my friend, dusty? dusty is a hoot and she has been "tapped to be the regional coordinator for MoveOn.org during the upcoming election period." she is in bakersfield, CA and doesn't take herself toooo serious. i like dusty alot.


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