What do you mean, there's no market for wrestlers on the speaking circuit?


Seems the good folks in Utah need to get better PR contacts - or just some PR contacts in general?

Instead of booking Jon Stewart, fake-news anchor, they booked Jon A. Stewart, Illinois Republican candidate for Congress in 2000/motivational speaker/part-time pro wrestler, pictured above as the person "winning the match."
He even wrote the school back, asking if they were sure they had the right Jon Stewart. When the DaVinci Academy teacher corresponding with him told him he was indeed their man, the married father of three agreed to speak for free and booked an airline ticket and rental car for $421.
Come on, people. You don't think Jon Stewart gets some green for speaking engagements?

And, further, I guess that this wasn't a quick error and that negotiations went on for months and the school still didn't realize they had the wrong JS.

Fucking Utah. What is it with that state?

(My fav.: In Salt Lake City, no one may walk down the street carrying a paper bag containing a violin.)


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