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So after a month or so of light posting (stupid job), I finally found some time the other day to write a nice, long ranty post about the latest Rightwing uproar over the homoaboritonists™ and their nefarious freedom-seeking agenda (stupid fundies). And then I noticed a typo, and being the grammar-freak that I am (stupid OCD), I immediately set forth to edit the post and remove my little error (stupid brain). In the meantime, I get an email indicating that someone had posted anonymously to let us know that they were going incognito due to increased surveillance by their bosses (stupid corporate work structure) into the internet activity of their employees (stupid firewalls). I quickly read the email, and then re-read my nice, long ranty post to ensure that there were no more errors, and hit publish. And then I got this nasty little error message followed by a screen full of nothing (stupid black screen of death), and Blogger lost my post (stupid Blogger). Completely. Disappeared into the ether. Without a saved back-up copy (stupid me). Were I conspiracy theorist (stupid David Icke), I would believe this to be the work of fundie fuckwits bent on denying the world access to my brilliant and scathing critiques (stupid delusions of grandeur).

All of this is to point out two things:

  1. I’ve not been completely slacking! I found the time, I made the effort, lots of swearing and lefty righteous indignation was to be had, and then poof! Gone. But not (entirely) my fault, so forgive me.
  2. Anonymous poster was actually my fellow blogger (henceforth known as The Show), who was writing to let us know that her absence is also work-related, and that she had to take her name off the blog and delete her profile so that the corporate bigwigs who sign her paychecks wouldn’t be able to connect her with rightwing hating and music reviews. Which sucks, because there isn’t enough rightwing hating in the corpacracy, and The Show was just the girl to inject a little hate into the world.

You can send your love, support and commiserations to The Show in the comments, which she can still read so long as she doesn’t reveal her true identity. Like some kind of corporate superhero...or something.


annamaria at 11:57 AM

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at Wednesday, June 07, 2006 9:18:00 AM Blogger Kurt said...

hey...blogger lost my comment as well!
oh well, i just said that i will miss The Show's contributions. It was the tales of adventure in a big city mass transit system that first drew me to ...blood on my teeth. while i have come to appreciate the manner annamaria articulates thoughful opinions, the slightly bent point of view will be missed. i look forward to continued contributions in comments.
oh yeah, sorry again for the Fed thing.

at Wednesday, June 07, 2006 10:49:00 PM Blogger person x said...

worse and getting worser. maybe someday people can handle the fun again, but while the corp narcs are out for blood, wit and sarcasm will be on hold for now.


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