I want one!

Thanks to Bitch, Ph.D., these lovely t-shirts are now available for purchase--they're perfect for reminding the fundies that if they really cared about preventing abortions, they'd stop haranguing women for taking responsibility (and, dare I say it, ownership) for our own fertility, and start supporting Plan B. I think I'll wear mine to the pharmacy when I pick up my pills, to the OB for my annual exam* and Friday dinner with my churchy siblings. Definitely Friday dinners, since the shirt is bound to get me banned and I can actually start having fun on Friday nights again...
*My OB's office is in one of the swankiest neighborhoods in Metro Detroit, and I am routinely the only woman in the lobby who isn't bloated with child. Going there always serves as a gentle reminder of why my birth control prescription is worth a few moments with the business end of a speculum.


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