We interrupt this brief work-related hiatus for some mindless fluff

There's a nasty summer cold/flu/virus thing going around the office and, as per usual, I'm the only one who has managed to escape it. My propensity toward health and heartiness should be a good thing, but I've had enough of being the only person who shows up to work consistently. I think I'm going to fake being sick very soon, just to get some time off.

Enough about work, though, we've got some Project Runway to discuss! Check this out:

How hot is this outfit? Seriously. When I saw that Michael was to design a look for Pam Grier, I nearly pissed myself in excitement. And when the lovely Nazri (and her phenomenal legs) came strutting down the runway in magenta hot pants (hot pants, people!) I knew we had a winner. As an aside, I've realized that I have more interest in making sure that Nazri stays on the show than most of the designers. She's simply stunning, and certainly much more interesting than designers like Jeffrey, who attempts to be edgy but only succeeds in being a douchebag.

Hey, did you know that Tim Gunn has a blog? Reading it has become my Thursday morning ritual, particularly since only Tim Gunn would call Tim Gunn an old fart.


annamaria at 9:53 AM

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at Thursday, August 17, 2006 12:17:00 PM Blogger Dane meets Simone said...

Oh Alison...

how could they??

at Thursday, August 17, 2006 12:38:00 PM Blogger annamaria said...

I've been too depressed to comment on last night's episode. Not even Michael's second win is enough to help me deal with the loss of the object of my most fervent girl crush.

In all honesty, the fit of that dress was atrocious. But at least you Alison's model could walk in it! I'm convinced Vincent stays on the show only because the producers are terrified he's going to go crazy and pull out a gun if he gets kicked off.


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