My fantasy boyfriend president won't make an honest woman out of me


I know, I know, there is no way in hell that Russ Feingold would ever be elected president. He's all liberal and thrice-married and, well, a Jew. Doesn't play well in the Bible Belt. But, damn, a girl can dream right?

U.S. Sen. Russell Feingold said he has decided not to seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, saying his party's victories in the midterm elections have energized him to continue working in Congress.

Feingold, 53, is an outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, the USA Patriot Act and other Bush administration policies. He said Sunday that although he had explored the possibility of running, he has ruled it out.

"I never got to the point where I felt strongly I wanted to run," Feingold said. "Then I saw the result Tuesday and thought what a great opportunity to do my work in the Senate."

Feingold (D-Wis.) said he would keep an open mind if he were asked to join the ticket as the vice presidential candidate.

"If some nominee called me up and said, `You're the guy, I need you,' I would have to take that very seriously," he said.

Is it bad that I'm looking at the Democrats and wondering whose foot is nearest the grave?

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