Damn you, corporate overlords!

Damn you all to hell!

So, I tried to log on to Blogger this morning to post something, only to find that it has been added to the list of restricted sites by my employer. I can read blogs, I just can't post anything to mine. 'Cause I might say something nasty. Of course, I'm more liable to cast aspersions about my Major American Automotive Industry (MAAI) employer now than I was when I could actually log on to my blog.

That means that I'll be posting mostly in the evenings from now on. Oh, I'll still blog during the day--I'll just have to save them* and upload the posts on my own computer. The MAAI thought police won't stop me completely.

*using my wonderful 1GB flash drive, a christmas gift from Republican Brother. If only he knew he was enabling my liberal rantings!

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