Damn, I waited too long -- procrastination strikes again.

Remember when I posted a few weeks back about the underpass Virgin Mary/salt stain?

Well, it seems that I waited too long to go and see it for myself because yesterday a man, armed with shoe polish, defaced the shrine/cause for endless traffic backups.

Police arrested the alleged vandal shortly after witnesses said they saw the man take out black shoe polish at the site on the Fullerton Avenue underpass around 11:30 p.m. and write "Big Lie" over the stain, said police spokesman David Banks. Sometime later highway workers painted over the graffiti.

At the same time, though, what about this, on the left side of the image? Something tells me that the God-people probably were not too happy with seeing the VM, and being told that Satan loves you (or "U," as the case may be) on the same wall:

If it was, in fact, a work of God, do you think it was right to paint over it? Will Chicago suffer His wrath as a result?*

* On a side note I would like to add that when I was looking up "god" and "wrath" for images, one of the results was a picture of Val Kilmer in Real Genius. I think that's certainly saying something.

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