Friday Random Ten

Is there anyone in the world cuter than Tanya Donnelly??

So, I've noticed that all of my posts this week have been really depressing. Sorry about that. I think it's because after two weeks of doing absolutely nothing productive, I had to go back to work on Monday. Sometimes I wish my parents had been better parents, and provided me with a phenomenal trust fund so that I could live in Paris or Prague or some other fabulous city that begins with 'P' and never have to work. Unfortunately, my parents were only mediocre parents, and merely gave me enough money to go to college and use my stupid degree to get a stupid job. Stupid parents.*

But enough complaining, it's Friday! Time for the Friday Random Ten, what's with the Pointer Sisters being on my list? edition:

  1. #1 Must Have - Sleater Kinney
  2. Punk Rock Girl - Dead Milkmen
  3. One Way or Another - Blondie
  4. So Long, Superman - Firewater
  5. Strange Eyes - The Magnetic Fields
  6. Jump - The Pointer Sisters
  7. Clubland - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
  8. St. Monday - Billy Bragg & The Blokes
  9. Hidden Shame - Johnny Cash
  10. Whiskey Tango - Tanya Donnelly

Your turn!

* Just kidding, Mom & Papa!


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at Friday, July 22, 2005 12:27:00 PM Anonymous Rich said...

That picture of Tanya Donnelly made me smile. You're right - there is no one cuter! Well, not many people...

Anyhow, with that in mind, here is my top 10 for the week (all girl edition):

1) The Geraldine Fibbers - Yoo Doo Right
2) Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (Live)
3) Erin McKeown - To The Stars
4) Sleater-Kinney - Let's Call It Love
5) The Exciters - Tell Him
6) Mates Of State - Proofs
7) Vashti Bunyan - Winter Is Blue
8) The Softies - I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Thank God
9) Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain
10) Heart - Barracuda

at Friday, July 22, 2005 12:29:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

I'll bet Jen doesn't consider the time y'all spent together non-productive; in fact, what can be more productive than maintaining or developing friendships? Who'll miss you more when you're gone - friends and family or your boss?
I wish I had spent more time keeping in touch when I was younger...but the Net has given us new chances to reconnect!
Anyway, it looks like my Yahoo Music station is getting into the Friday Random Ten. Here's its entry:
1)Bing Crosby - Deja Vu
2)Lynard Skynard - Call Me The Breeze
3)Melissa Ferrick - Gotta Go Now
4)Mamas & Papas - Creeque Alley
5)Third Day - My Hope Is You
6)BB King -How Blue Can You Get?
7)Loreena McKennitt - La Serenissima
8)Jennifer Knapp - His Grace Is Sufficient
9)Lyle Lovett - Don't Touch My Hat
10)Eagles - The Sad Cafe
Is it 11:30 already? Now that I'm at my desk, I'll do one from the hard drive of my office PC...

at Friday, July 22, 2005 12:52:00 PM Blogger ID said...


10. Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots
9. Peeyano Keys - MF Doom & Madlib
8. Beware of the Boys - Punjabi MC
7. Let's Go to Bed - The Cure
6. Sunday Morning - Moodymann
5. Plush - STP
4. Sink to the Bottom - Fountains of Wayne
3. Down with the King - Run DMC
2. Harder, Better, Faster - Daft Punk
1. And the Beat Goes On.. - Lipps, Inc.

at Friday, July 22, 2005 1:18:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

Ok, here's the shuffle from MS Windows Media Player -
1)..And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead - Mistakes & Regrets
2)Cornelio Reyna - El Gallero del Pueblo
3)Jerry Garcia Band - Palm Sunday
4)Jerry Garcia Band - The Way You Do the Things You Do
5)Grateful Dead - Estimated Prophet
6)Pablo Montero - Me Quedare Contigo
7)Keb'Mo' - Love Blues
8)Bonnie Raitt - Too Soon To Tell
9)Vicente Fernandez - He Llorado Tonto
10)Everyday Sunday - Stand Up
Happy weekend to all!

at Friday, July 22, 2005 2:02:00 PM Blogger person x said...

here's mine. it's the "It's My Birthday Weekend, and I'm Home Sick (Again)" edition.

"Rock Candy" - Deadly Snakes
"Computer Love" - Kraftwerk
"Sister Ray" - Velvet Underground
"Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta" - Geto Boys
"Neighborhood #2" - Arcade Fire
"We've Been Had" - The Walkmen
"Down and Out" - Cam'ron
"Dirty" - Redman
"Guess Who's Back" - Rakim


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