It ain't violent, it's Biblical!

cognitive dissonance:
An inconsistency among some experiences, beliefs, attitudes, or feelings. According to dissonance theory, this sets up an unpleasant state that people try to reduce by reinterpreting some part of their experiences to make them consistent with the others.

Remember the guy who died after spending 49 hours playing video games? Looks like he should have stuck around just a little longer because, according to ABC News, there is a video game revolution just around the corner!

With all the raunchiness and violence in mainstream video games, a group of Christian businessmen hears a call to provide a more wholesome alternative.

The Christian Game Developers Foundation held a conference in Portland, Ore., last month to create games with a different mission.

"I think the majority of gamers out there just want to play a great game," said the group's leader, Ralph Bagley. "They don't really necessarily need intestines hanging on a doorknob."

Bagley said wealthy Christian investors are planning to bankroll a slew of new Christian games to compete with their raunchier rivals.

Whew, what a relief! It's about time someone came up with a wholesome alternative to all of those violent and raunchy mainstream video games. And what could be more wholesome than the Bible? Just check out this preview of these Hot! New! Christian! games:

In one game, "Catechumen," players use a sword to convert Roman soldiers to Christianity to the cries of "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" In "The Bible Game," players race across the parted Red Sea to battle Goliath with a slingshot.

In "Rebel Planet," users explore the world before the great flood. And coming soon is a "Left Behind" video game based on the popular Christian book series and film.

Good wholesome entertainment

So, to sum up, we've got a game about sword-wielding Crusaders, another about slingshot-waving giant-killers, yet another about a flood that wiped out the entire population of the Earth save the two-by-two God saw fit to redeem, and, finally, one about a group of people who apparently missed the Rapture bus, and now have to contend with death, destruction, and Hell on Earth until it returns to pick up the stragglers.

Am I the only one with a headache?

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