Boycotts are fun!

You might recall that I linked to a boycott list provided by Life Decisions International last month, meant to by used by anti-choicers who might otherwise, unwittingly, support businesses that support women. LDI president Douglas R. Scott stopped by to respond to the post, and was kind enough to give us permission to use the list as a "buy-from" guide, rather than a boycott. Awfully big of him.

And awfully nice of WorldNetDaily to give us yet another list of corporations that are willing to support human rights. This time, it's a list of 101 gay-friendly corporations. Well, WND calls them "America's pro-homosexual giants," but to me that just sounds like really, really tall drag queens.

I must admit to being a little surprised about at least one company on this list. Molson Coors Brewing?? Seriously? What, sodomy is a-ok with these people but heaven forbid women actually get to make a decision about their own fucking bodies? Must be Dr. Hager syndrome.

PS: Add a country to that list; the Czech Republic is one step closer to passing domestic partnership legislation. So, Rich, can we go to Prague now?


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