Friday Random Ten

Ben Lee is so adorable

So, yeah, Jen's been busy blogging this week, while I've been busy trying to think of something interesting to say. Given my silence for the past seven days, you'd be right to conclude that all my effort was for naught. I'm thoroughly uninspired these days. Sorry.

At least it's Friday, which means, of course, it's time for musical randomness. Unfortunately, it seems that even my music is uninspired these days--how boring is this list??

  1. Queen of the Savages - The Magnetic Fields
  2. We're All in This Together - Ben Lee
  3. Don't Be a Dick - Panthers
  4. Admit It - Say Anything
  5. Foolish Love - Rufus Wainwright
  6. John Walker's Blues - Steve Earle
  7. There's No Fucking Rules Dude - !!!
  8. Don't Make Waves - The Gossip
  9. Black Coffee In Bed (live) - Squeeze with Ben Folds
  10. The War Criminal Rises and Speaks - Okkervil River

Your turn!


annamaria at 8:55 AM

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at Friday, September 09, 2005 2:08:00 PM Anonymous Rich said...

Alright, let the randomness being...

1) Hartley Goldstein - Art Is A Lie
2) The Long Winters - Ultimatum
3) Stars - Your Ex-Love Is Dead
4) Head Of Femur - Skirts Are Takin' Over
5) Wolf Parade - Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
6) Metric - Police And The Private
7) Hot Chip - Down With Prince
8) Devin Davis - Transcendental Sports Anthem
9) Amy Rigby - Dancing With Joey Ramone
10) Chin Up Chin Up - We Should Never Have Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers

at Friday, September 09, 2005 2:39:00 PM Blogger person x said...

I like Fridays, when all things random come together to create Friday Random Ten.

Here's mine:

(1) Misery is a Butterfly - Blonde Redhead
(2) Brother - Afghan Whigs
(3) Let It Die - Feist
(4) Infinitely Late at Night - Magnetic Fields
(5) Chase the Devil - Max Romeo
(6) Fairfax Scene - Boo Radleys
(7) Glendora - Rilo Kiley
(8) Sugarcube - Yo La Tengo
(9) One More Cup of Coffee - White Stripes
(10) There's Never Enough Time - Postal Service

at Friday, September 09, 2005 2:46:00 PM Anonymous Rich said...

I said:

"Alright, let the randomness being..."

Now, I could pretend that that was intentional and that I was making a subtle philosophical point, but I think we all know that I would be lying.

Stupid comments-section-with-no-edit-function! ;)

at Friday, September 09, 2005 3:32:00 PM Blogger ID said...

My not-so-existential friday random ten....

10. Let's Go Crazy - Prince
9. People - Andres
8. Cactus - Pixies
7. Now I Feel Ya - Scarface
6. Daughter - Pearl Jam
5. A.N.G.E.L - Dwele
4. Call My Name - Prince
3. My Body - LSG
2. Jealousy - Slum Village
1. Take My Hand - Andres

Prince, LSG & Detroit, the Ipod isnt feeling very random today.


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