This sounds eerily familiar...

Apparently I'm destined to spend the day updating a bunch of old BOMT posts. This time, it's Starbucks and their nefarious Armistead Maupin-quoting coffee cups. You'll recall that the Concerned Women for Patriarchy America called for a boycott of the over-priced coffee chain because the Maupin quote "blatantly pushes the homosexual agenda." Now Amanda informs us that Baylor University (conveniently located with all kinds of other nutjobs in Waco, TX) has pulled the offending cups from its campus Starbucks.

Baylor spokesperson Larry Brumley makes me laugh when he says "I think they were trying to be sensitive." Uh, yeah.

The Starbucks website has a full list of coffee cup contributors. I wonder how long before the Rufus Wainwright cups get pulled.

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