The joys of Site Meter

Click on the picture, I dare you

I recently noticed that BOMT has had over 8,000 visits, and I was curious as to what brings people to our little corner of the world. That's when Site Meter became my new best friend. Jen wrote a while back about the influx of visitors who found us by searching for "human battling bitches" (which I still think would make a killer band name), but it seems the more we write, the stranger the web queries that bring people to us. Check out the stats for this week alone:

Someone (and by someone I mean the Brit who visited yesterday at 8:17:49 pm) found us by searching for "evil sluts." We're #3 on MSN! Still others wanted pictures of Jarvis Cocker, Cheerleaders*, and Johnny Cash's middle finger (though, thankfully, not at all once). Some kind soul in Fayetteville, NC did a search for "Blood Gang Knowledge" and somehow ended up at the home of the whitest white girls in Whitesville. A Brooklynite was apparently looking for pediatric dental refuge, and searched for "how many teeth does a child haven." Not to be outdone, in either grasp of the English language or inanity of search, someone from Tennessee asks the all important question "how long does teeth last outside in field?" A fellow Canadian Power Pop fan stopped by looking for Sloan mp3s, though sadly we have none**. And finally, I am proud to note, if you search for Annamaria on MSN, I hold the number one and two spots. I'm famous!

And just for fun, let's look at a world map with the last 100 BOMT visitors, shall we?

We appear to be loved in the Midwest, and not sure much anywhere else! Shout out to that lone Argentinian that stopped by (Hi Argentinian!).

*Nearly all searches for cheerleader images came from the UK--Rich, you have some explaining to do.
**Here are some Sloan mp3s to make my fellow Canada lovers happy
Who Loves Life More (Demo)
Coax Me (live)
This Charming Man (live in Halifax)
Summer's My Season (Tip o'the hat to RockInsider)

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