Friday Random Ten

The Knife.  Damn those crazy Swedes!
So, it's 7:38 a.m. and Psycho is still not here. She hasn't been here all week, which explains why I've been so quiet lately, since I've had to do her job as well as mine. I decided to make it a game--I was going to do my own work plus all of hers so well as to send a message that she is, in fact, expendable and might want to get her ass to work more often lest she finds herself in the unemployment line. Of course, I had an epiphany of sorts last night and realized that my little plan might backfire--she's probably angling for unemployment right now so that she can go to school and still get paid, and since I've done two jobs so well all week I'll be stuck with twice the work once they fire her. I've decided that I am going to slack all day while randomly walking around the office complaining about how busy I am to remedy the situation I've created for myself. I figure if I whine enough...

Fuck! Literally as I was writing this my manager stopped by my office to inform me that Psycho is still sick and won't be in today. This is why people go postal.

Anyway, here's my Friday Random Ten, surprisingly upbeat dispite my dour mood.

  1. Gepetto - Belly
  2. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side - The Magnetic Fields
  3. Heartbeats - The Knife
  4. Desperate Guys - The Faint
  5. Loyal to My Sorrowful Country - TL/Rx
  6. Charlie - Colin Meloy
  7. P.Y.T. - Michael Jackson
  8. Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello and The Attractions
  9. Yellow - Petra Haden and Bill Frissell
  10. Teardrop - Jose Gonzalez

Your turn! And feel free to supplement your FRT with co-worker horror stories.


annamaria at 7:38 AM

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at Friday, March 17, 2006 1:52:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

man. i hate it when i have to work at work.....
1-Going Down the Road - Phil Lesh & Friends
2-Tell Everybody I Know - Keb'Mo'
3-$1000 Wedding - Gram Parsons
4-They Love Each Other - Grateful Dead
5-Always Be My Home - Rachel Lampa
6-Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen
7-Cash on the Barrelhead - Gram Parsons
8-The World Is Full of People - Salim Nourallah
9-Back 2 Good - Matchbox 20
10-Bringing Down Dinner - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
y'all have agreat weekend


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