Friday Random Ten

Ben pays homage to the state that hates Bush more than any other.

First, allow me to apologize for the light posting this week. End of month/end of quarter business and all that jazz. Work has been insane. Add to that the news that my manager, with whom I get along swimmingly, has just been promoted and will be leaving our office at the end of the month. That means breaking in a new manager--luckily, I know this person and she and I have a good working relationship already, which means that I can continue at work with the proper amount of slacking off without any major issues. Thank goodness for that! Can you imagine if I actually had to work at work? I would have to find a new job forthwith!

Oldest Brother is also coming for a visit next week, which should be interesting. He had the foresight to leave Michigan fifteen years ago, and has never looked back. He's an inspiration to us all! Particularly since his adopted state of Massachusetts has just announced plans to have near universal health care for all of its citizens. Hmmm...free health care, gay marriages, funny accents—Massachusetts is looking more and more like Canada everyday.

And while I’m using this time to talk about things that I should have dedicated entire posts to had I not been so busy this week, have you all heard about Russ Feingold? Mr. President-of-my-dreams has done what few Democrats these days have the spine to: announce his support of full marriage rights for all American citizens. I know, I know, lots of Democrats probably believe in marriage equality in private but I can't name another one who's actually dared state the obvious in public. Good on you, Russ! You make me proud to be a midwesterner, even if I have to live in Michigan.

Meanwhile, Democrats have decided to join the 20th century and are proposing a new and exciting program to decrease the number of abortions: comprehensive sex ed and access to birth control! Hey, what a great idea! I'm surprised no one has ever thought of this before! Perhaps Senator Feingold can nudge his party into the 21st Century by the midterm elections.

I won’t hold my breath.

I will, however, share with you my Friday Random Ten, which is all over the place this week. I’ve got mod-rock, new wave, Swedish pop and a couple of Canadians. And not a single Decemberists song in sight!
  1. Black Coffee in Bed (live) - Squeeze with Ben Folds
  2. The Invisible Man - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
  3. The Laws Have Changed - The New Pornographers
  4. Marquee Moon - Television
  5. Under the Milky Way Tonight - The Church
  6. Video - Ben Folds Five
  7. A List of Sound - Matt Pond PA
  8. I Die - The Magnetic Fields
  9. Avalon - Roxy Music
  10. My Favorite Game - The Cardigans

Your turn!


annamaria at 8:52 AM

7 spoke


at Friday, April 07, 2006 11:05:00 AM Blogger Kurt said...

only one problem with those new england states (and i never knew it until i moved) - they are full of yankees. it's an attitude thing...
here's my mellow list. guess iTunes thinks i need to relax more:
1)Momma, Where's My Daddy? - Keb'Mo'
2)Tata Dios - Linda Ronstadt
3)Al Sur Del Bravo - Los Tigres Del Norte
4)I Can't Dance - Gram Parsons
5)The End - Ryan Adams
6)Senorita - Los Lonely Boys
7)Back of My Mind - John Hiatt
8)The Big Wheels - Jimmy LaFave
9)Scarlet Begonias (live, 7/29/74) - The Grateful Dead
10)Emotionally Yours - Jimmy LaFave

at Friday, April 07, 2006 7:03:00 PM Anonymous rich said...

Here goes..

1) Langhorne Slim - Hope And Fullfillment
2) Herman Düne - You Stepped On Sticky Fingers
3) Beirut - Mount Wroclai
4) Juni Järvi - The Stars Above Indian Lake
5) Dear Nora & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Hot Boyz
6) Les Savy Fav - Wake Up
7) Royal Trux - NY Avenue Bridge
8) Collapsing Opposites - Mirror Stage
9) Dressy Bessy - The Things That You Say You Do
10) Group Sounds - Belly Up

at Friday, April 07, 2006 11:00:00 PM Blogger Wake of the Flood said...

I swear there's a conspiracy against me --- this is proof that I'm not paranoid --- SIX JOHN TESH songs IN A ROW! Where's the Herbie Hancock I just added. Where's the Smashing Pumpkins, Toby Mac? If my list has to look like it was generated by Clear Channel at least let there be something a little more edgy than John Tesh!!!!!!

1) Longview -- Green Day
2) The Giving -- Michael W. Smith
3) San Francisco -- Second Hand Jive
4) Mansion on the Mountain -- Canyon
5) Annette -- Drive by Truckers
6) Away in a Manger -- John Tesh
7) Hungry -- John Tesh
8) This Is Your Gift -- John Tesh
9) Positano Sunrise -- John Tesh
10) It Wouldn't be XMas -- John Tesh
11) Silent Night -- John Tesh

John Tesh, John Tesh, John Tesh, John Tesh, I'm gonna be seeing that name in my sleep.......

at Friday, April 07, 2006 11:06:00 PM Blogger Wake of the Flood said...

annamaria, in what part of taxachusetts is your brother? The house Kurt and I grew up in was less than a mile from the CT/MA state line.

at Saturday, April 08, 2006 8:47:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

Oldest Brother is in Natick, which is a suburb of a suburb of Boston. His wife is originally from Natick, and now their kids are cultivating the same Mass. accent as their mother--I just can't tell you how much joy I feel when their seven-year-old daughter calls me "Aunt Ahhhhhnna." :)

at Saturday, April 08, 2006 7:45:00 PM Blogger Wake of the Flood said...

Bahston, huh. Inhabitants of The HUB. I'm sure you've heard where that nickname for Boston comes from .... that Beantown is the Hub of the Universe. Well at least Natick is almost in Western Mass. Well, that's according to Bostonian logic which sees Worcester as Western Mass even though it's barely a half hour outside the inner loop (128).

at Wednesday, April 12, 2006 9:17:00 AM Blogger Dane meets Simone said...

I miss you. wah! Please tell me you're over there reloading.


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