Friday Random Ten

Ah! I'm late again! I have a good excuse, though. See, I don't have to work today, so I only just woke up about ten minutes ago. Fabulous! :)

Oldest Brother and his family are in town from Boston. Niece A has proven herself a true Genovese--she's a little cardshark that managed to score $5.00 off my mom playing Texas Hold'em for nickles. Good girl! Nephew N, meanwhile, has become obsessed with the lake behind my parents' house, and is catching carp in a bucket as we speak. He's being good, though, and letting them go back to their mommies when he's done.

Today I'm driving the entire family up to beautiful Grand Blanc, Michigan to visit Favorite Brother and his family. Should be fun, although being around all of those kids is going to be trying on this childless girl.

So, here's the random ten, hot of the presses:
  1. Pyrite Pedestal - Pretty Girls Make Graves
  2. Making Friends Has Never Been So Easy - Sure Juror
  3. Hello? Is This Thing On? - !!!
  4. The One Who Got Us Out - TL/Rx
  5. Lovey Dovey - Otis Redding
  6. London's Brilliant Parade - Elvis Costello
  7. Go Your Own Way (live) - The Decemberistss & DCFC
  8. All My Little Words - The Magnetic Fields
  9. A Sight to Behold - Devendra Banhart
  10. The Rat - The Walkmen
Your Turn!


annamaria at 12:08 PM

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at Friday, April 14, 2006 3:01:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

Hmmmm. this is going to be a good friday..check out this list! the next ten were even better!

1) She's Hot To Go - Lyle Lovett
2) All Shine On (Instant Karma) - Scarecrow Collection
3) A100 - Billy Corgan
4) I'm Alive - Between Thieves
5) Let Me See - Between Thieves
6) Independence Day - Bruce Springsteen
7) Complicated - Good Charlotte
8) Oneda - Los Lonely Boys
9) Back 2 Good - Matchbox 20
10) The Circle Game - Joni Mitchell

Have a great weekend.


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