Friday Random Ten

Damn, it’s been a busy week. Not only was I responsible for playing chauffeur to Oldest Brother and the family when they were in town (and constant shopping trips to Target only sound like fun in the abstract), but work has been a joy this week as well. Today is my manager’s last day, which is kind of bittersweet. I really like the guy, he’s been fun to work with and I know he appreciates me, which is nice. Of course, New Manager and I have a pretty good relationship as well, so I’m looking forward to working with her. I just hate change. I’m fairly recalcitrant, so it’s important that I have a good working relationship with management, otherwise I’m apt to tell them to fuck off and quit because the coffee wasn’t strong enough this morning. Luckily, both managers make a mean cup of joe.

Oh, and I haven’t even told you the best news! Today is Psycho’s last day! She turned in her two weeks notice last Monday, and has taken a job elsewhere. Apparently she decided that there is more honor in quitting than sticking around and getting fired. I’m not feeling bittersweet about this, just pure, unadulterated joy. Yeah, it will suck having to do both her job and mine next week while we wait for her replacement, but that is a price I am willing to pay if it means never having to see her again. I only hope that her new bosses have an even more lax attendance policy, otherwise I fear that Psycho will crawl back here and beg for her job back.

Did I mention that she turned in her notice and promptly missed two days of work? Yeah.

Anyway…it’s Friday! We’re having a party at work to celebrate our manager’s promotion and finally ridding ourselves of Psycho. High spirits all around. And even better than a party is the Friday Random Ten! Okay, it’s really not better than the party, but since y’all aren’t invited to that, this will have to do!

  1. Dogs Were Barking - Gogol Bordello
  2. Burn - Pink Nasty
  3. Duchess - Scott Walker
  4. Central Booking - Bishop Allen
  5. Head - Prince
  6. Sunshine - The Decemberists
  7. Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk
  8. The High Party - TL/Rx
  9. Panic - The Smiths
  10. Penny for a Thought - Saul Williams

Your turn!


annamaria at 8:13 AM

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at Friday, April 21, 2006 8:34:00 AM Blogger Dane meets Simone said...

This reminds me that I found Jen's b-day mix cds you sent me in an old bag I pulled out. Apparently I took it to TX right after I got them and then never used the bag again. I've never known where the damn things went! So yesterday I took them over to the ranch to help me paint.

Jen's b-day mix is so sweet. And the other one is so not. Which of course seemed perfect for Jen!

at Friday, April 21, 2006 8:51:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

Yay! I'm so glad you liked those CDs. Perhaps I should get started on her birthday CD promotion for this year...considering how long it took me to send them out last year, if I start in April, I might get them out by late June!

And holy shit...one of my other co-workers just resigned! This office is going crazy. How far is Westland from Pontiac? Are you sure you don't want to work here with me?


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